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  1. Doc Mustang

    gun ownership questioned by doctor???

    11 years old is a little young to discuss sexual activity but not by much. In recent years, due to a combination of factors including obesity and the propagation of hormones in our food and water, puberty has been starting significantly earlier than in years past. It is not unknown for puberty...
  2. Doc Mustang

    gun ownership questioned by doctor???

    The questions regarding firearms fall under a section of the well child visit called "anticipatory guidance". The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes guidelines for this under the "Link Removed" program. It is intended to be a comprehensive, methodical and evidence based method for...
  3. Doc Mustang

    Weapon Handling 101

    Planet of the Apes Promotion You are correct. Unfortunately this video was shown recently at a UN convention on the arms trade. They bought it. Here is another reference to this being connected to planet of the apes: Link Removed
  4. Doc Mustang

    Where Can I Buy a CCW Badge?

    I agree the golf cart is really far superior and has the advantage of being upgradable to the "up armored" version. Link Removed
  5. Doc Mustang

    Where Can I Buy a CCW Badge?

    As a matter of fact they do! In TWO versions Link RemovedLink Removed
  6. Doc Mustang

    Where Can I Buy a CCW Badge?

    I think the police should have a spotlight with the words CCW emblazoned on it. That way they can turn it on when they need the help of me and my fellow CCWers! Link Removed
  7. Doc Mustang

    Should CCW permits be restricted to citizens?

    Only if they are distributing copies of Locke, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and Jay. Possibly Voltaire but I always thought his name sounded like an evil emporor, he had some nice ideas though.
  8. Doc Mustang

    Open carry legal in Michigan

    In Michigan since Open Carry is legal (with a few exceptions), and since concealed carry is legal with a permit (with a few exceptions), and since under Michigan's convoluted laws Open carry by CPL holders is legal in "pistol free zones" it would be very difficult for "brandishing" laws to be...
  9. Doc Mustang

    Need a Flintlock Gunsmith

    I bought a reproduction, flintlock pistol at an antiques dealer recently. I got a pretty good deal on it but it needs a little work. The Lock functions, including the half cock, but is a little loose and seems to run a little rough. At the very least it needs the frizzen hardened and some minor...