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  1. junmard4th

    CCW in an FCC licensed location

    Just an update, this is what is posted on the site.Link Removed Posted using a calculator and delayed by AT&T.
  2. junmard4th

    Will be working in the Carolinas

    Hello all! Starting this month I will be working in NC and SC. If I'm not mistaken, NC has reciprocity for GWL while not for SC. How can I move around SC with a firearm without violating their gun laws? Thanks in advance. Posted using my phone.
  3. junmard4th

    CCW in an FCC licensed location

    Hi all! I would just like to ask if it is true that it is unlawful to conceal carry in an FCC licensed location such as cell sites? I work on cell sites during maintenance window time, around 7pm to 7am. Most of the time alone. Thanks. Posted using my phone.
  4. junmard4th

    Transporting Handguns thru states with no reciprocity

    Hi all! Due to the nature of my work, I travel from state to state. I am a GA resident with GA GWL and a non resident FL CCW, I used to live in FL. Now, my problem is when I'm working in SC where my GA GWL and FL non resident is CCW is not recognized. Any idea how can I go transporting my carry...
  5. junmard4th

    Buying lower from out of state

    Hi all! I would like ask if it is possible for me to buy a lower receiver and delivered to an FFL in a different state and not my home state? Is it the same as buying a whole/complete AR? Thanks in advance. Sent from my Moto G using Tapatalk
  6. junmard4th

    Concealed carry in workplace

    Hi All! I worked in cell sites for different networks. Just recently, we just been notified of night time work and will be schedule solo due to resources and budget cuts. I asked my company if I can carry since I have a permit and my permit has reciprocity on the sites that I will be going, but...
  7. junmard4th

    Traveling by Air

    Like this one from Bass pro? Link Removed Gipaskin gamit akong selpon.