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  1. Chief1297

    Perhaps The Real Reason They're Tormenting George Zimmerman

    As long as I keep reading about stories like this, I am not giving up my weapon. I just wonder if the Attorney General and Big All will protest about this. I am not holding my breath. According to the warrant, the four teenagers are accused of starting a fight with Chellew at a Chevron gas...
  2. Chief1297

    Thinking of getting a revolver

    I just put one of these on law-a-way. I shoot revolvers better. I have more confidence in them. I have never had a failure with one. Plus, now I have seven rounds of .357 the same as my 1911 so I am not giving up any in the way of fire power.Link Removed
  3. Chief1297

    Open/Concealed It Just doesnt Matter

    Frankly, I didnt know where to post this but thought it ironic that the concealed carrier didnt use his "element of surprise" to remedy the situation. As a disclaimer, I do both which is legal here in NC but have always heard the OC bashing. Just goes to show that situational awareness is...