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  1. fullofdays

    potentially deadly situation

    Saw this and couldnt help but think that this guy was lucky to not have been shot and killed... (mind you, I live in a state that enforces the castle doctrine) Very foolish prank in my honest opinion. - Burglar caught red handed
  2. fullofdays

    District of Columbia- self defense ?

    I recently relocated to Washington, DC and heard a story tonight from a young lady at the dinner table who was robbed at knifepoint and stabbed during the ordeal. This got me wondering how I can legally defend myself in the District of Columbia. Is there a legal means of self defense...
  3. fullofdays

    If an LEO asks why you carry...

    .... What is your response? Do you become specific or general in your defense for concealed carry? Do you state the second amendment verbatim? What about a family member who is liberal and against firearms? Do you answer a family member in a different manner than a random person such as...