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  1. HootmonSccy

    thinking of going with the Kel Tec P-11

    Before you purchase a P11 check out a SCCY CPX-1 or CPX-2. Same size gun, but made with better materials. It comes with a lifetime warranty and great customer service, if needed. Better gun, same size, great price. Link Removed
  2. HootmonSccy

    How often has someone noticed your conceal?

    I think I would add to this, either you are NOT doing it right, OR the person looking either carries or is in law enforcement. (Focused at noticing) As far as I know (Could there be times when someone doesn't tell you, sure, probably more likely) I've only been ID'ed once. It was by my friend...
  3. HootmonSccy

    p11 carry

    I carry a SCCY CPX-1 (Same size gun) IWB in an Link Removed. Size J is the size I use.
  4. HootmonSccy

    Florida cops use secret files on bikers to lobby against gun law

    From: AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE: NCOM Biker Newsbytes SEPT 2011 FLORIDA COPS USE SECRET FILES ON BIKERS TO LOBBY AGAINST GUN LAW Florida law-enforcement officials dipped into secret intelligence files to lobby against legislation that would have allowed holders of concealed-weapons...
  5. HootmonSccy

    Chance to win one of two $50 gift cards to GanderMountain and

    FREE!! Enter for a chance to win one of two $50 gift cards to and GearHog Site is giving away chances to win one of two $50 gift cards to and!! Act fast--the offer is only good through this weekend!
  6. HootmonSccy

    Save 82% on Gun Digest the Magazine

    32 issues (1 year) of Gun Digest the Magazine for $29.95 - save 82% off the cover price Gear Hog Gun Digest the Magazine is your source for firearms news, pricing and classifieds. Our in-depth editorial, exclusive price guide and new product features bring valuable information to your hobby...
  7. HootmonSccy

    Welcom To The "Gun"shine State!

    Well this law started out with Open Carry as well, but that got stripped.. The nice addition to the laws is removing the Brandishing office if a concealed weapon should accidentally get exposed (ie: due to the wind, etc).. Yeah, and her executive order is going to really stop that Bad Guy from...
  8. HootmonSccy

    Free chance to win - 2 day training at Front Sight for two!!!

    Enter to win a FREE 2 day training course for you and a friend at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute GearHog
  9. HootmonSccy

    $12.50 - Winchester 9MM 124 GR Bonded PDX1 Supreme Elite 20RD/BX

    $12.50 for Winchester Ammo 9MM 124 GR Bonded PDX1 Supreme Elite 20RD/BX (Free shipping on second order) GearHog The Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 was chosen by the FBI as their primary service round. The Bonded PDX1 is engineered to maximize terminal ballistics, as defined by the...
  10. HootmonSccy

    road rage today

    We had one Link Removed. "He told me he was going to kill me and kill my son and he spit on my driver's window." This brings up an interesting situation.. SO, Legally speaking, He was taking his son to school.. IF he drives onto school property, He is NOT supposed to NOT be armed...
  11. HootmonSccy

    $89.98 for GunVault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard

    ($179.95 suggested retail)
  12. HootmonSccy

    carry on a motorcycle?

    One other thought.. I live in Florida and IF I'm riding long distance during the summer.. I will frequently just put my pistol in the outside pocket of my Tank Bag.. It goes where ever I go and it's not sticking me, or poking me, or making me sweat in a specific spot.. It's Magnetic, so it comes...
  13. HootmonSccy

    Oh my God that's graphic!!

    Ahhh, I see what the problem is now.. She went out with you, She "Faked it" with you... I'd watch out for this woman!!! You know.. You should feel a little bad after causing multiple trauma's to her mentally.. Come on.. Don't you feel just a little bad for her... You should buy her a gift...
  14. HootmonSccy

    "GroupOn" type Daily Deal for gun gear..

    I haven't seen this posted here anywhere.. I just wanted everyone to know there is a "Daily Deal" site for gun Gear Here is the link.. WWW.GEARHOG.COM
  15. HootmonSccy

    just got my motorcycle license.

    Not really much different than dealing with Anti-gunners, except unless you are open carrying they don't know that you have a gun.. When I was little my dad and I were out on his Honda 550/4 at K-Mart.. We were getting ready to get on the bike and two elderly ladies suddenly saw us and jumped...
  16. HootmonSccy

    Florida carry into a bank

    Go to pretty much any gun store and purchase the "Florida Firearms Law, Use, & Ownership" book written by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq. ISBN 0-9641958-4-4 - About $26.00.. It give you the laws and explains them in pretty plain English (well for a Lawyer!!!) Or through Link Removed.. IF you buy it used...
  17. HootmonSccy

    Would you give the Gov't a key to your home?

    The government has access to my home anytime they want it.. The key is held in a box called "Link Removed" The combination to the box is RIGHT to Probable Cause, LEFT to a Oath in front of a Judge, RIGHT listing exactly where they are going to search and for what, LEFT to a signature by the...
  18. HootmonSccy

    Concrete tents

    Hey, it is probably better than a FEMA trailer after a disaster!!! Concrete tent
  19. HootmonSccy

    Conceal Carry encounter with Police officer (Joke)

    The Arizona Department of Safety Officer pulled over pick-up truck owner Mike Murray for a weapons check because of an NRA bumper sticker. When the officer approached the vehicle, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver's license, insurance card and concealed carry permit. The...
  20. HootmonSccy

    Members helping members give aways.

    Hey.. Check out Link Removed...