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  1. Cari A.

    Fathers Day Present

    Howdy all....while looking for a present for a man who has everything, our 14 year old son informed me last night what his dad really wants for Father's Day, a Glock 29 SF 10mm. So, after many phone calls and a 45 minute drive, I found him one and it is tucked away in a safe place in the house...
  2. Cari A.

    9th grade student brings .22 to school

    My son mentioned this and I am hoping that this won't cause the non gun advocates to become rabid... Link Removed Link Removed
  3. Cari A.

    emt and volunteer fire fighters getting discounts?

    I was trying hard to stay out of this conversation but it seems that snide comments and petty remarks have been tossed around. Stump Jumper, I went and read the regulation and I, as a volunteer EMT am VERY disappointed that they took this out of our rules and regulations and I will, tomorrow...
  4. Cari A.

    summer time carry

    I was wondering, as I am still new to gun ownership, what one would say once summer comes and you open carry? What I mean is, currently because it is so cold, I wear a tshirt tucked into my jeans then my pistol then a sweatshirt over that. Come summer, as I will still carry, it will be more open...
  5. Cari A.

    Concealed Carry While Walking Dogs

    My aged Malamute/German Shepherd would run for the hills as he hates guns and fire crackers. My female Siberian Husky may or may not stay, she is pretty laid back and easy going but they both have been mistaken for wolf hybrids. The horses, were still getting them use to the sound of our side...
  6. Cari A.

    Horse back riders who carry

    Last month I asked on one of the Virginia horse lists who carries when they ride. I was surprised and pleased at the response I got, though as with anything, several had very sour grapes. I intend, now that I have a cwp to carry my side arm with me when I ride, as I do a lot of riding alone and...