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  1. Garand

    Do you trust OTHER people W/ guns?

    Let me interject with a simple answer. I only trust other people (armed or not) as far as I can throw them. Link Removed
  2. Garand

    Legal to carry in Atlanta, GA Airport

    Just found out that it is now legal to carry in the Non-Sterile areas of Atlanta Airport. "The City of Atlanta Legal Department has informed the Atlanta Mayor and Atlanta Airport General Manager that persons with valid GWL's can now carry in the non sterile areas of the airport. The Atlanta...
  3. Garand

    Atf rules pistol grip shotguns as destructive device

    EDIT: LINK FIXED: Link Removed They do reiterate and quote from the ATF Ruling 95-3, it all was about37/38mm gas/flare guns. I am not a lawyer nor an expert in this field, but it appears to me that they really aren't looking at a sporting Shotgun with your "Cruiser Grip" as you named it...
  4. Garand Celebrates Breaking 20,000 Members!

    I didn't find this site during the first 1000, but I am proud to have met some mighty fine people here during the process of going to 20,000 and climbing. I have observed Luke at his very best every time I log in. Of course that too goes for most every one else. Great group of folks and let's...
  5. Garand

    Rant Rant.. This woman's attitude really pissed me off!!!

    This in not the place or the forum for this kind of trash to be displayed. Like you said, this has nothing to do with the topics of this website. If this is going to be allowed in the future you can pencil me in as GONE!!
  6. Garand

    Gun control??

    THIS WOMAN IS THE CHIROPRACTOR WHO WON ELECTION TO THE TEXAS LEGISLATURE AND INTRODUCED AND PASSED THE CONCEALED HANDGUN LAW. WOW!!!!! Here's a video that I guarantee you won't forget anytime soon! She didn't cry, although she came close to losing it, and she gave those a reality check they...