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  1. Rice8644

    Sigma .40VE Polymer mags?

    Does anyone make polymer mags for a S&W .40VE? I've looked a few places (though I admit I haven't dug THAT deep) and I haven't found any. I know it's a low priced gun and the mags reflect that but I'd think at least one company would make some Polymer ones. Thanks in advance to anyone and...
  2. Rice8644

    Best option for a first time buyer/low-mid budget?

    Hey everyone...I gave up my prints yesterday and got my permit today. I don't have a pistol yet, but I plan on buying one soon. Any advice on a first time purchase? I have up to $500 to spend. I also have really big hands (6'7" 280). Also, I am brand new to this sight and look forward to...