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  1. Gallstones

    Incident at the Range Today

    Son is home from college for the holiday so we went out to the range. It is an old gravel pit dug into the side of a hill off a forest service road. Facilities, such as they are, are provided and maintained by local sportsmen and hunters. Persons who use it are expected to be responsible for...
  2. Gallstones

    George Zimmerman Arrested Again

    There is Link Removed. I don't know if he gets any royalties from it though. Have there been any credible movie offers made?
  3. Gallstones

    Americans for Responsible Gun Regulations…..

    Check out how the Americans for Responsible Solutions prohibitionists are indoctrinating children. Link Removed I left a comment on their facebook page "Blatant prohibitionist propaganda. If you subjected my child to this we'd have words. Harsh words." I expect to be dogpiled or banned.
  4. Gallstones

    Americans for Responsible Gun Regulations…..

    There's these guys Americans for Responsible Solutions And then there's this. Link Removed The only difference is the words "Regulations" and "Solutions" The facebook group uses "Solutions". I think this is the group you reference. They are not our friends. They are of the...
  5. Gallstones

    Perhaps The Real Reason They're Tormenting George Zimmerman

    He can be followed on facebook. And he's not the only one of his type.
  6. Gallstones

    I completely support a "Purge".

    Link Removed Are you, like, 14yo or something? I detect a clear lack of maturity in your content. I mean really, do you think this is some kind of RPG? Those who do--just do. Those who talk about it are wannabes and a penny a dozen on the internet. But hey, thanks for the heads up.
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    Veteran's Stand Down Anaconda Montana 2013

    Yes, I did keep some stuff Link Removed but that was a long time ago. Almost no one took any of the belts. We started with three boxes and packed up three boxes.
  8. Gallstones

    Veteran's Stand Down Anaconda Montana 2013

    Today was day one of the Anaconda Veterans for Veterans Stand Down. We passed out stuff. This was what I got. I'm a Vet and I have been part of the planning for this event for months. I am also the Volunteer Coordinator this year and working the event. I'll be back to do it again tomorrow. We...
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    Senate Bill 1145 Concealed Weapons Permits Information

    Oopsie, I added one too many ones to the thread title. Update on Montana Senate Bill 145 Link Removed
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    Link Removed
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    Thug Kitchen

    Warning lots of profanity I hope this person isn't a liberal.
  12. Gallstones

    Bravo Mr. Williamson

    Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse Link Removed
  13. Gallstones

    Montana Gun Rights Bills before the House

    Link Removed Gun advocates push bill expanding rights in Montana
  14. Gallstones

    When COPs go bad...

    IMO it is because they are scared shitless and think that anything goes is good. What a debacle. Glad I don't live there anymore.
  15. Gallstones

    Senate Bill 1145 Concealed Weapons Permits Information

    This bill--to be voted on--would render all personal information; names, addresses, etc--of Montana Concealed Permit holders be confidential, AKA can not be published. Sponsor is Sen Fredrick Moore R-Miles City. "Disclosure of permit holder's personal information does not fall within a...
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    This Link Removed ? What about it? Someone lied and got caught. Where firearms are concerned that is a good thing.
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    Question: My first handgun purchase was a Taurus PT 140 Pro Millenium, silver and black. Would it enhance or detract from the value if I was to have it engraved, blinged? Same for Duracoating? Thank you.
  18. Gallstones

    Oregon, Texas officials warn White House against enforcing new gun regulations Read

    This is what I found this morning with regard to our Senators--both Democrats. Link Removed Regardless of party, candidates in Montana have to run on a pro 2nd Amendment platform or they won't get elected or re-elected. I think Tester's statement is a bit soft. I still admire the man, but...
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    Pets anybody?

    This is the Rott-husky mix I am currently infatuated with and planning to pursue the adoption process with. I visited him last Saturday. Link Removed I don't know what is the matter with me being so enamored with a particular dog. As an adult I have never been without a dog and my last one...