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  1. ghostman74

    Legislation voting today on suppressors hope it passes

    NRA-ILA | Iowa Your Action Needed House Judiciary Committee to Hear Pro-Gun Legislation Tomorrow
  2. ghostman74

    Interesting website found Congress app for anti gun
  3. ghostman74

    iowa petition to legalize silencers

    Hi all, new to the forum, thought id post this love to shoot at the range alot think these would help keep the noise level down so we wouldnt have to use earplugs all the time thier legal to use and buy in about 38 other states, so hopefully this petition might help Hi, I wanted to draw your...
  4. ghostman74

    state of iowa and suppresors?

    Hi all new to the thread and usa carry, we cant apperently own suppresors here in this wonderful state of iowa, but thiers a petition to sign to try to legalize it here, not sure since some of you guys are out of state are able to sign this, but id like to own one for my ar to take to the...