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  1. disneyr

    Need direction

    Here is a link to a list of approved ccw instructors from the Washoe County Sheriff site (Northern NV, Reno). Link Removed You can call some of them for prices. As I recall they range from around $75 to $100. Probably better to pursue your non-resident ccw from one of the rural Nevada counties...
  2. disneyr

    How do you protect yourself on a cruise?

    You could carry a cane if you choose. They are even allowed on commercial aircraft. A good piece of hickory can go a long way. Try one of these Cane Masters!, Walking Canes for mobility, self-defense, exercise and rehabilitation Or an unbreakable umbrella like this Link Removed Not nearly as...
  3. disneyr

    Laser Sights

    I use a LaserLyte Link Removed on a Glock 26 and Glock 19. I have had them for about 2 years with flawless results. I pocket carry the 26 with the LaserLyte site in a DeSantis Nemisis holster no problem. My 19 is a Gen2 (no rails) but even if I had a Gen 3 I would still use Laser Lyte because it...
  4. disneyr

    CA Law Banning Loaded Firearms in Public Faces Legal Challenge in Federal Court

    Link Removed Let the court challenges to California's new law banning the open carry of unloaded firearms (and banning of any carry of any firearm) begin!
  5. disneyr

    Wisconsin CCW Has Arrived

    Good for Wisconsin! I'm glad Wisconsin has joined the rest of the country (excluding Illinois of course) in legalizing the concealed carry of firearms by law abiding citizens. Politicians like Wisconsin State Senator Frank Lasee are to thank for this positive turn in Wisconsin gun law. I just...
  6. disneyr

    video taping LEO'S in wisconson.

    Link Removed
  7. disneyr

    Eotech 512 optic.

    You can mount it on virtually anything. Good sight. Link Removed Here is a picture of one mounted on an AR-15 carbine type rifle.
  8. disneyr

    Glock 19 for CC

    By the way, you can't beat the price or performance of the Link Removed. Tighter and less "rattle" than a Blackhawk Serpa (I've tried them) at about 1/3 the cost. Also, Serpas have 3 different cant positions where the Israeli Tactical have 360 degree cant settings using an allen wrench...
  9. disneyr

    Glock 19 for CC

    I carried a G19 Gen2 from 1988 (when they came out) until 2001 when I got a G26. G19 is a fantastic CC firearm. Never misfired or failed to fire using all kinds of ammo from all around the world. I carried that G19 everyday in Panama, Peru and other Central and South American countries. I...
  10. disneyr

    When seconds count. Police are only 1.5 hours away.

    If this doesn't scream for every individual's inalienable right to self defense and not depending on police and/or government to protect you, I don't know what does. Link Removed OSLO, Norway -- Police arrived at an island massacre about an hour and a half after a gunman first opened fire...
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    Obviously, don't fly out of NYC, they will probably arrest you and confiscate your firearm. I use the Link Removed. Be sure the pistol is fully cleared empty. Triple check. TSA ammo storage requirements are satisfied by having bullets in the pistol magazines inside the same lockable case...
  12. disneyr

    Thinking on getting the M&P 15 sport any feedback would be appreciated-

    I think they are very good weapons. If I didn't already have an AR carbine I might get one. I see the prices are coming down in some places. Link Removed
  13. disneyr

    Holster recommendation (Kydex Glock 19)

    Best OWB holster for my G19 that I found was also at the best price. Check out this Link Removed site. Super smooth and snug fit with excellent retention release button. Much more ergonomic and secure feeling than the Blackhawk Serpa (which I have also used) and at a fraction of the price. Also...
  14. disneyr

    Seeking Holster for a Smith & Wesson Model 645

    I am finding it a little difficult to find a holster for a S&W 645. I have checked on the Internet with limited results especially for Sherpa style or Kydex holsters. I checked CheaperThanDirt and it didn't have any holsters listed for a 645. I am looking for OWB paddle kydex (Fobus rotating...
  15. disneyr

    .357 advice/ideas wanted

    Link Removed Light and dependable.
  16. disneyr

    Nevada CCW application wait time

    Just got my Nevada CCW renewal. It took 72 days from application turn in to receiving card in the mail. Five years ago it took about 20 days and the time before that about a week.
  17. disneyr

    optics for AR 15

    I very much agree...sweet, but very expensive.