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    Live in AZ going to NV...Can I Conceal Carry?

    Check out these: Link Removed USA Carry - Your #1 Concealed Carry Resource and Community Carry Concealed
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    Any experience with the Buffalo Bore .38 Special 150 gr hard cast wadcutter?

    Does anyone have any experience (chrono, penetration, ballistics, etc.) with the Buffalo Bore 38 special 150 gr. Hard Cast Wad Cutters, shot out of a 2 inch snub? Standard Pressure Short Barrel Low Flash Heavy .38 Special Pistol & Handgun Ammunition
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    Caliber Wars!

    Well, I think the image below settles the caliber war for the .380! :sarcastic: Link Removed
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    New to CCW

    Welcome to the world of CCW and welcome to this forum. Get on this forum much because you will find plenty of interesting topics and people here. You will find a lot of help from the great grassroots information you can receive. I agree with Treo...go to your state's laws and read, read, read...
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    Secrets and Keys to snub nose accuracy?

    Just thought I would start a new topic. Share with us any tips, techniques, secrets, or keys for being accurate with your Snub Nose Revolver. Also, share with us how you have improved your accuracy. And, with fixed sights, how do you adjust your impact points? :help: Byron
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    Concealed carry vest

    I have a leather motorcycle vest I ride with and it has a concealed carry inside pocket. I like it and use it at times. It makes riding comfortable and is a great way to carry. Wearing this kind of vest does not scream "I'm concealed carrying" like some of the tactical vest or photographers'...
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    Shot my very first IDPA match and did it with my LCR .38

    Hey All, Today, Sunday, I shot my very first IDPA match at Cherokee Gun Club in Gainesville, GA. AND...I did it with my LCR .38 Special, 5-shot snubbie! I had a blast! What a great group of shooters and what wonderful practice I experienced. This is nothing like standing in an indoor range, in...
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    reciprocity law

    Good sources for info: USA Carry - Your #1 Concealed Carry Resource and Community Carry Concealed Link Removed Link Removed