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  1. BigC

    Best conceal carry holsters?

    well i carry a taurus millinium pro and when i fist got it i ordered a don hume ITW with snaps and i love it to peices Link Removed i also recently ran across a cheaper tuckable holster @ Link Removed i ordered this so i can carry on sundays with my tucked in shirt so i dont have to wear a...
  2. BigC

    .380 which one?

    I am currently thinking of a smaller caliber hand gun leaning towards a .380 so was wonder what everone thinks? thinking bersa thunder vs ruger lcp but also heard khar has a decent one aswell so i am open to all suggestions, preference is something with 7 shots and small enough for ankle/or...
  3. BigC

    Open Carry in Ohio

    I currently recieved my CCW license in Ohio and i am so loving it. So my next step is Open carry but there is not alot of information about the do's and dont's so if anyone knows where i can get answers from it would be great. can i Open carry any where or do i have to follow the no conceal...