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    DA/SA or SA (ie: 1911)

    I got into this discussion about the difference under stress in a DA/SA decocked with no safety vs an SA 1911 with thumb and grip safeties. On the DA/SA side you have the long trigger pull on the first round and no manual safety. On the SA side you have a nice consistent trigger on all shots...
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    List of DA/SA .45 autos

    Is there a list that anyone knows of that lists the various DA/SA with decocker...preferably all metal? If you know of one or two yourself, please share. Thanks
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    Kimber Eclipse Custom II

    Any opinions on this gun, pro or con? It really fits well and looks like a work of art. Unfortunately, I can't shoot before buying and it's not a cheap gun. Does anyone know of any feed or ejection problems? I saw some ejection issues back before they went to the internal ejector and a few...
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    I got TASED today...

    I did a refresher today and always underestimate how bad it is. I've had broken knees, arms, ankles and even a broken neck once and the TASER hurts worse. The BIG difference is that the TASER is only 5 seconds. I also did a pepper spray refresher, so had the pleasure of taking a face full of...
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    Will MD issue a non-resident permit?

    We travel through MD now and then. It's the only state we ever find ourselves in where my TN in not honored. If yes, is it a big deal to get one?
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    Will MD issue a non-resident permit?

    We travel through MD now and then. It's the only state we ever find ourselves in where my TN in not honored.
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    37/40mm Launcher

    Are these things legal? I see them at the gun shows, but have never stopped to investigate. I don't think it was an Airsoft product because the dealer that sells them has no other air gun products. Depending on price, one of these with beanbad or foam baton rounds could be a good less than...
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    Carry in GA...

    From what I can gather, I'm good in GA on my TN permit for concealed and open carry. Can someone confirm that? Is there anything else I should be aware of, such as no carry where they serve alcohol? We'll be in Savannah for a couple days and eating out, so that's one that could get me.
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    Micro Desert Eagle .380

    I had one in my hand the other day and it felt really good for such a tiny gun. Much better fit than any other 380 I've tried. Does anyone know of any issues with this gun? Any recalls, complaints, etc.? This could be the next addition to the family.
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    Streamlight TLR-1

    Does anyone have any complaints about this light? I was looking at a Surefire X300 which is a great light when I came across the TLR-1. Brightness seems to roughly equivalent and controls are just as ergonomic and easy to use. The TLR-1 is half the price.
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    Transfer vs. Registration

    According to this, the only requirement PA has is a carry permit. No registration. Link Removed
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    Happy B'Day to me...

    Well not really, but I located a Glock 21SF with night sights today for $650, which I thought was reasonable. Almost bought the wife a G19 as well for $525, but she wants to shoot one at the range before buying.
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    Security Rates

    I'm trying to come up with a formula for what to charge for security services. Most companies want to to pay their employees between $8.50 and $12.00 / hour. On top of that you have insurance costs, vehicle maintenance, etc. I'm tryinand g to figure out what a security company would charge on...
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    School Carry

    So in most states it is illegal to carry on school property unless you are dropping off/picking up. It's that way in TN. Does that only apply to public schools? Does it apply to college campus' as well?
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    Carry in the gym

    I need some ideas. The car have been broken into twice in the gym parking lot so I'm not comfortable leaving it in the car. The gym is not posted but I'd still rather not advertise. Could be it's not posted just because no one has carried inside yet. What are my options considering I'm...
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    Anything going in TN?

    There hasn't been a post in ages. Anyone interested in doing a USA Carry "Range Day" around Nashville? We frequent the range in Joelton. There is also the outdoor range at Long Hunter State Park in Antioch. That one has a 100yrd rifle range. Joelton is strictly non-magnum handguns. The...
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    Question about my new Glock 19

    Found this through google....Doesn't explain your G19 but it explains the NPv marking. From 1982 to 1991 G17s were assembled & test fired in Austria. (Later pistols were assembled and test fired at Glock Inc. in Smyrna, GA.) These early production pistols are marked with an eagle and "NPv". The...
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    Glock Shortage???

    I told my dealer last weekend I wanted a G21 with night sights. He said, no problem, I'll have it by Wednesday. Went back on Friday to find that none of the Glocks they ordered came in. Another store said that Glocks are hard to come by because the military is getting most of them. I'm going...
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    Tennessee trying to change laws.

    How recently? Do you have a link that states this? As far as I can tell, the law still states that carry is prohibited if any alcohol is sold for consumption on the premises. The current law as stated on the TN state website is as follows... Link Removed 39-17-1305. Possession of firearm...
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    bushnell Holosight vs EOTech 512 vs EOTech 516

    The Bushnell and the 512 look almost identical. The 516 is just $40 more than the 512 and has side controls allowing access with a magnifier. The Bushnell is about half the price of the 512 and the only difference I can come up with is that the Bushnell is not quite a rugged as the EOTech...