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    Bug out bag

    Lots of good info can be found here: Link Removed
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    AAR - LMS Pistol I Course; Las Vegas, NV Sept. 22-23

    LMS Pistol I – Sept. 22-23-Las Vegas –AAR Day 1 (or, how I spent the weekend with Mr. Murphy) First, a little background about myself. I’m an attorney, 31 years of age, married with three children. I am originally from Southern California but recently relocated to Las Vegas. My father was a...
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    A great article...

    Link Removed I wish her the best of luck!! :cool:
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    Preferred Carry Ammo?

    This is what I have on hand once the permit arrives: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Anyone carry something else? What do you think of it? The Doubletap stuff feeds reliably through my Sig and Glock and I've heard really good reports on the Gold Dots. However, the buzz around the...
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    LMS Basic Pistol I Course

    Link Removed Sep. 22-23. I wish I could go. :mad:
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    A great blog for Nevada CCW

    Link Broke - Removed Mike keeps us all up to date on the latest political changes in Nevada regarding Section 11.