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    High standard officers model 1911 ?

    I found a pretty good deal on a High Standard Officers model 1911 Today and I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with it ? All of these new 1911's ( high standard, American classic, citadel, rock island) are all made in the Philippines, more or less the same guns . even the...
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    Taurus 24/7 G2 ?

    I was looking at the Taurus website and I realy like the 24/7 G2. I would love to take a look at one but the problem is I dont even know if they are out yet . Does anybody know of a taurus dealer that might have one in middle GA ? Also has anybody here seen the polymer Judge ?
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    winchester model 50 shotgun

    I was at my local gun shop the other day and on his used gun rack I found a winchester model 50 semi auto shotgun. It was in fair condition with a good bit of surface rust but that can be taken care of real quick. I just did'nt know if this model was any good . I am also having trouble finding...
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    Bersa Thunder 380

    I was looking for a CCW pistol the other day and I stumbled upon a Bersa Thunder 380. I was not to familar with this brand so I did a little research and it had nothing but good reviews.So I went back to the store and bought it. I shot it the next day and I fired 6 rounds through it and I wanted...
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    355 super ???

    I have reloaded for years now and the other day I was picking up brass when I found somthing strange. I found several brass that said 355 Super. When compared to a 9mm It is identical in size. When I got home I couldn't help myself so I wipped out my micrometer to check . what I found was such a...