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    How hard to get CCW in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins?

    Here is a link to the CCW page for City and County of Broomfield. Each county will have its own form, but the requirements are the same statewide. Link Removed Basically you need to have a clean record (no felony convictions and no history of domestic violence) and have proof of competency...
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    How hard to get CCW in Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins?

    Not hard at all. Colorado is a “shall issue” state which means that you can not be turned down provided you meet the state mandated requirements. Unlike California, the issuing department does NOT have any discretionary decision making authority in the matter. Of course, in some counties it will...
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    Level 2 Holster

    I am looking for a level 2 holster that can be used for either Open or Concealed Carry. I want to be able to get the same type of holster for both the Hi-Power and the 1911. I really like the Blackhawk Serpa, but they do not make one for the Hi-Power and, no, the 1911 model does not work for the...
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    School shootings.

    School shootings. Does anybody know anywhere I can get national statistics on school shootings? I am looking for things like: Number of grade school shootings per state. Number of middle school shootings per state. Number of high school shootings per state. Number of college/university...
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    Clark County Handgun Registration

    Clark County Handgun Registration I was considering a job offer in Las Vegas and so I went to the Clark County web site to look up the local ordinance about handgun registration (I had heard that even though the State of Nevada does not require this Clark County does). Well I could not find...
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    Sig or H&K?

    I am considering getting either a Sig P220 or an HK45 as my next .45 ACP pistol. I was hoping I could ask y’all for your feedback and impressions on these two pistols. I am looking for opinions on accuracy, reliability, durability and “feel”. I currently have 1911, Browning Hi-Power and CZ 75B...
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    Range Commands

    Range Commands Questions for all you range officers and trainers…. I am looking for a list of common “Range Commands” for use while introducing somebody to shooting. I have a few of the basics: Lock and Load – load the weapon and engage the safety Commence Fire – disengage the safety and...
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    Thinking about a move

    Thinking about a move to the SEA-TAC area and was wondering how friendly it was. Does Washington allow cities and counties to impose local restrictions and bans? Is one county more or less gun friendly than another? Thanks, Tim………..