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    WW2 machine gun

    This passed through a dozen people before it got to me, I don't know who its about, or IF its true, but it made me wonder. (I'll add a name just to simplify) So Bob has a WW2 fully auto machine gun. He's had it for almost 10 years. It was never registered and he needs money so he's trying to...
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    Handgun safe

    I'm looking for a quick access handgun safe, and was wondering if anyone here has owned any V-line products. I'm thinking of the hide-away model (Link Removed). Main thing I need is quick reliable access and to keep the girls out of it. After looking at the reviews of gunvault products I'm under...
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    One option you have, while not swords or even sharp are these: City Stick : Walking Sticks (Cold Steel) Link Removed I don’t carry a cane but I’ve always thought is I ever had to, I’d use one I couldn’t break, if I had to use it for self defense.