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    HAVE to go to California for a couple of weeks

    I can carry to Ca but since I will carry to and from. Would someone direct me to the restrictions for keeping a handgun "unloaded" but accessible in Ca? Thanks in advance.
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    Giving son a handgun for home defense in Va

    I live in mo and as above giving a handgun for he and wife who live off post by Ft Belvoir. Giving a signed letter. Anything more to do in va? Does not live in DC,thank God....
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    Me with a .380? Only a 9mm or My 38 Snubbie!!! Bought a Sig-Sauer P238....

    Being an old soldier (24 yrs) and my love for my 45 (well the US govt.) and my wheel guns, I never thought I'd buy ANY semi except a .45 cal 1911. I am a believer of bigger holes are better than tiny holes if you're going to have to defend yourself. I would never ever buy or use a .380…. I've...