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    Boycotting Living Social, Groupon and Deal Chicken!!!

    Its been several months since these sites have declared GUN RELATED DEALS as off limits...thus making a political statement about the company. To remain "neutral" is to allow "choice" and there response to a small amount of whiners on the LEFT when ever a deal is up compared to the apparent...
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    @==@ Thank YOU Kansas @==@

    Kansas accepting ALL State Conceal Carry Permits...what a HUGE IMPACT this will have across the nation!!! IF we could get all states to do the same we could finally remove the ridiculous headaches of needing multiple permits which I honestly think may be done on purpose...why would states like...
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    Thankful to be in Iowa

    Its a true blessing to live and instruct in Iowa. I travel through and instruct in many other states outside of Iowa and I am always fond of the fact that when I "come home" I know I have the ability to not worry about many things when in other states especially the SIGNS ARE LAW enactments...