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    Still not comfortable

    Your situation sounds very familiar! I finally landed with a PM9 in a Remora holster. Also go "up" just a little in size to a Taurus PT745, also in a Remora, and it feels "natural" like never before. In fact now I miss 'em when I'm not carrying at work. Maybe it would feel good for you, too...
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    Just got a Sticky Holster

    Interesting! I have its cousin the Remora. Already have two of these and will probably be getting more, too! Link Removed
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    Side-by-side comparison

    Sorry if I didn't find this and someone already has this posted. I'm wondering if anyone/organization has ever setup a side-by-side state comparison of carry laws. You know, like when you shop online and can select different models or versions of a product, and see a column format listing...