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    New Taurus 40

    I own two PT-111's, a older G2 and a newer G2C both 9 MM's. The Taurus catalog had a 40 listed for the G2C also, but there werr none in the 'wild', well they are out there now and I have one all black coming from Bud's. Sportsman Outdoor Warehouse has the Bi-Tone. 10+1 and it'll fit in my 9...
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    Kel-Tek CP33 a 22LR pistol

    This seems to carry on Kel-Tek's sometimes odd, but innovative offerings. This is similar at first to the PMR-30, it appears to use the same grip pattern and fire control that the PMR-30 has. I don't know personally, but I expect it's fatter as the magazine is quadruple stacked. It is...
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    Recently bought two new 380's

    I must have an affliction I bought two more pocket 380's, who knows why. A Ruger LC-380 and a Taurus Spectrum. I fired each one just 21 rounds 14 of PMC FMJ and 7 of Underwood 90 Grain XTP's +P, both are better than average on recoil, the Ruger is pretty easy to rack and it has an external...
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    Inexpensive subcompact or compact under $350 preferably

    Well apparently Springfield did make some 357, and now Palmetto Armory has some on clearance I just bought a Link Removed and I'm pleased. The also had in the same e-mail a XD40 SC Mod 2 in FDE (what I had/have originally) for 330 and a XD45 Service Bi-Tone for 350.
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    Inexpensive subcompact or compact under $350 preferably

    I shoot out to seventy yards at gallon jugs. I have to shoot several inches high with the 45 and almost point of aim with the 40. Same capacity with the flush magazines, but the 45 carries one more with extended magazines. I just bought two more Mod 2 40's as they were on clearance sale at...
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    Weak side carry

    Long story, but the shorter version is I broke my right wrist in 2008. Had surgery, got screws and plates, and all was well with restricted movement. A year and a half ago my thumb popped a tendon or whatever from rubbing on a screw or brace. It was just the last digit of the thumb, but it...
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    Bought another 10 MM

    I had a EAA Witness Match Elite 10 MM already (And still have it) and a G-29 10 MM. I like them both, but I had the extra girth on the G-29 because I wanted the extended beaver tail backstrap. It made the grip a little less pleasant to grasp, I left it that way as I had Talon Grip Tape on it...
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    45 ACP Barrel length

    I have several 45's and just recently realized all are 3.3" or longer. My XDS 45 and 9 are both 3.3" and I believe the 45 was the driving force, for some reason the Engineers decided that 3.3 was the minimum for a 45 and just made a 9 barrel and slide to fit the same frame. (Or so it seems to...
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    I have an important question I would like you to think about

    This does seem like a good 2nd Amendment thread, and here is a useful Link Removed
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    Some modifications to my LCP Custom

    I can't leave well enough alone I guess. My stock LCP Custom was reliable and accurate. I like the red trigger because it was wide and smooth, it also had a Stainless steel guide rod (For enhanced reliability is my guess), but my favorite feature was the sights, though tall enough to catch on...
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    380 Kahr CW380 vs LCP II vs PICO - discuss

    LCP II is too long for my back jeans pocket, at least in the Ruger Nylon holster it comes with, (I just tried it with a Bianchi 152 holster and it is better, if it fit deeper in the holster, it might work. I have another pocket holster coming for it from Blue Force Gear, won't have it till mid...
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    Okay so now we are talking about other holsters besides Alien Gear. I have several leather pocket holsters by Link Removed I like them and have them for Glock 33 and 42, XDS, LC9s, CW-380, LCP and S&W J frame. I have a Bianchi Pocket holster for a LCP Custom, a Galco pocket holster and...
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    Hip Hip Happy Concealed Carry day for me.

    My wife has carried concealed before, but only while we were traveling. Today she asked me for my belly band to wear over her clothes (But under coat) and strapped on her G-42 and went shopping by herself. She came back beaming, she had shot no one, but had paid more attention to all around...