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    Iowa State Senator Punishing Gun Owners

    My brother lives in Appanoose County Iowa and while in a store in Centerville a flyer was left on his truck. It says "State Senator Keith Kreiman wants to punish gun owners in Iowa!". Here is a copy of the flyer Hers is a website Iowa Gun Bill Takes Away Your...
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    A song for anyone that is tired of the B.S. in washington This song explains how a lot of people feel today.
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    Several Thousand Trucks sitting with no Freight

    Does anyone have a clue why there are several thousand trucks sitting throught-out the State of Texas with no freight? My brother has been driving a truck for years and says he has never seen anything like it. He sat in Laredo for 3 days, got a call to go to Houston and before he got there...
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    Military Dictatorship & Mass Graves,,,in America!?

    Here are the websites Link Removed Link Removed I am posting this here hoping that someone will tell me that this is a bunch of BS. Do these websites belong to a bunch of brain dead idiots or Are They For Real!?!?!?!?
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    Question about Texas

    On the radio today I thought I heard someone say that Texas is going to re-enact an old law that would give them authority to get rid of the illegals, since our president doesn't seem to think it is that important. Did anyone else hear this or was I dreaming? I haven't seen or heard anything...
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    Chavez urging Obama to turn to Socialism

    You all should check this out,,, Chavez Urges Obama to Turn to Socialism - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics