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    My wife is traveling to N.Carolina this weekend & wants to carry her pistol, but....

    Link Removed Link Removed I live in NC. NC is a open carry state. She can carry in her vehicle as long as the gun is visible(open). This means on the passenger seat, dash, console, on her hip holstered. She can also carry most places on her person as long as it is open. NO PERMIT NEEDED. I...
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    Vehicle carry law in N.Carolina??

    What did I say that is NOT true... No permit NO CC. You CAN your car or person, without a permit. If you are talking about concealing your gun when NOT in a car, Your NOT in the car so how can YOU be concealing anything. Cops don't go opening closed doors looking for guns. You would have...
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    Vehicle carry law in N.Carolina??

    Every county follows state law. Cary and Durham have by-laws about carrying on CITY property/sidewalks. Open carry is open carry. Your vehicle is no different than your person. It just says MAKE SURE YOUR NOT CARRYING CONCEALED. Follow my link... Link Removed
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    LEO question

    Nope but YouTube is loaded with vids on how Oklahoma police treat citizens and EMT's like Maurice White. Link Removed Want more. You should read better Inspector Gadget. I said MOST. Not ALL or Austin. Most of the LEOs I personally know feel and act as I stated. I didn't mean to hurt your...
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    Detention Officer who shot at a driver in an incident of road rage

    Officer charged in hit-and-run shooting - Local News - Charlotte, NC -