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    CWP's In The News

    Good read from the State Newspaper. Link Removed
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    Places To Shoot In Greenville

    Are there any places outdoors to shoot handguns near Greenville where you don't have to pay? I am a member of a local indoor range but I dislike having to pay more for thier range ammo while I can get factory ammo for less. Back in my home state I used to go to a "chirp" pit to target practice...
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    DNR Pistol Ranges

    Does anyone know why the DNR closed it's pistol ranges? I was told they were closed back in September 2008 for renovation. Yet thier rifle ranges are still operational. MTee
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    Hello South Carolinians!

    I have been browsing these forums for quite some time, plus there is a SC forum to boot so I decided to sign up.:pleasantry: MTee