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    Orange County Sheriff Revoking CCW Permits

    Sure, believe a website called "Obama Crimes" rather than his birth certificate. Incidentally, all I had to do to find this was google "Obama Birth Certificate". Link Removed BTW, I believe the forum rules say that you shoudl be responding politely to thsi disagreement rather than calling me...
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    An idea I had . . . any suggestions?

    You might also look into various community courses for preparedness advice. I coordinate a program called CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) that teaches disaster preparedness, first aid, search and rescue, and fire supression. You can find more info at: Link Removed Most communities...
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    Plea for assistance & information

    I'm about to start school at the University of Washington next week and I can't (per RCW) carry my gun on campus "unless prior written approval has been obtained from the university chief of police, or any other person designated by the president of the university" I have heard of Deans giving...