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    Iowa May Join Ted Nugent... The Second Amendment IS my Concealed Carry Permit!

    You are coprrect on both counts. The Iowa House *never* voted on this. Do not let anyone lie to you. The vote they are crowing about was to see if the bill would even be brought to the House floor in the final days and hours of the 2009 session. It wasn't! Politics is the art of the possible...
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    Iowa Passes Shall-Issue

    Yes, it will. Keep up on the latest Iowa happenings here Link Removed
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    As of Jan of 2011 we will be able to carry in Iowa

    For the latest on Iowa go to Link Removed
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    Missouri HB2150

    How did that work out for you?
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    2010 Missouri Capitol Gun Rally

    The annual 2010 Capitol gun rally will be held in the first floor rotunda 1000-1200, Thursday, April 8th, 2010. The LT Governor and a number of legislators will speak. Come talk to your legislators and encourage them to protect your rights. Check out Missouri Concealed Carry Gun Permit and...
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    Non-Permit use as primary in different state of residence

    There seems to be a lot of people here that don't know or understand CCW Reciprocity and where they can carry . I have carried a concealed firearm for many years and hane found a couple items to be very helpful. The Travelers Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States. Gunlaws for the 50...
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    What Obamacare means for military retirees

    I hope they don't try to force this on us. If they want a really pi$$ed off Army Retiree to deal with, come on out!
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    Missouri Permit Now Valid In Nebraska

    The Missouri AG's Office has been asked several times to update the Missouri reciprocity website.Hopefully that will happen yet this year!
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    Nebraska Reciprocity Question

    It is also posted @ Link Removed
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    NV no longer honors FL permits.

    Looks like Nevada just screwed the citizens of their state. Now Nevada residents will have to get the Florida License, if they want to carry in Florida
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    Kansas To RecognizeNon-Resident Permits

    The Kansas Attorney General, Steve Six, says Non-Resident permits are legal in Kansas. Effective date is July 1, 2009 Link Removed Looks like Kansas finally has an AG that can interpret what the law makers wrote!
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    Concealed Carry in Virginia State Forests

    Urgent Action Alert-State Forests' If you live or travel in Virginia I urge you to sign the petition for carry in State Forests. Link Removed Go to almost the the bottom of the page to The Latest News From VA-Alert Thanks!
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    Rally in Chicago

    There will be a Second Amendment Rally at the Thompson Center in the Loop on 26 June 2009. More info at Illinois State Rifle Association
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    Reciprocity with Missouri

    The Reciprocity map for Missouri is wrong. Tennessee recognizes all states permits as does Missouri. Could someone fix this?