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    Anybody seen Blues around?

    I haven't seen Blues in a while, I hope all is well. I miss seeing him.
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    H.R. 717: Raise the Age Act

    Last updated Feb 1, 2019 . Context and what the bill does . Under current law, one has to be 21 to purchase a handgun, but only 18 to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle. This discrepancy was highlighted when last year’s 19-year-old Parkland, Florida high school shooter legally purchased the...
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    You've got to sign the bill to see what's in it, Mr. President?

    Hey Nancy “you have to pass it to see what’s in it”, did you catch that? Mr. President says it’s an “emergency”. . $328 billion, 1,159 unread pages 2019 spending bill: .
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    Understanding Why Iranians Bash the US Government

    Two days ago, the New York Times carried an article by Times’ journalist Thomas Erdbrink entitled, “For Iran, a Grand Occasion to Bash the US,” which was about Iran’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of its revolution in 1979. The article included the following sentence, “And like some evil...
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    Pop Quiz - Name 5 Things Protected by the First Amendment

    Try to answer without looking it up. . No peeking now ;-)
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    California Set to Seize 1,100 Miles of Coastline

    The California Coastal Commission is set to empower local government to take thousands of properties through Eminent Domain along 1,100 miles of coastline to prepare for sea level rise. . Despite California being battered by 4-8 inches of torrential rain and flooding from an El Niño weather...
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    Shutdown Ruse? USMCA Forging Ahead? Unpacking the USMCA for Congressional Approval

    Is this the reason for the shutdown circus? . This memo was put out by the CSIS: . ____ . With parts of the U.S. federal government shut down due to a budget impasse, including the Department of Commerce, progress on the U.S. International Trade Commission study has been halted, and further...
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    Trump's AG Nominee William Barr Supports Gun Control

    January 15, 2019 . . Action Alert from Gun Owners of America: . . . . Attorney General nominee William Barr tells Dianne Feinstein Red Flag Gun Control Laws (ERPO laws authorizing the seizure of firearms) are the "single most important thing we can do in...
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    USMCA Distraction by the White House and MSM

    President Trump signed the USMCA agreement. This bill contains language such as Government Tribunals, Sustainable Development and International Labour Organization, which is a United Nations Agency. . The media on both sides are not reporting any of this. . During this, a “crisis” suddenly...
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    NAFTA Replacement Agreement USMCA is a UN Effort

    International Labour Organization (ILO) . The USMCA is riddled with the International Labour Organization. This is the NAFTA replacement agreement that our own U.S. government is pushing. . ____ . The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a United Nations Agency that sets international...
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    Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

    I am wondering where Trump, Pelosi and Schumer toasted champagne for a job "well played". . Not a single word, not even a synonym, about eliminating "incentives". . Not a single word about taking back his statement "raise the age to 21 to buy a gun", so that Women and Americans can protect...
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    Anybody remember or know about Rex 84?

    Rex 84: Trump: “I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.“
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    Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda

    . We were discussing this topic in our liberty group. . Promoting gun bans and due process later, “Stop & Frisk”, that pathetic Omnibus he promised not to sign but did, anti-Free Market “forced unionization” in the upcoming USMCA (precursor to North American Union), never mentioning a word about...
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    Sen. Marco Rubio Pushes Federal Red-Flag Bill on Firearms

    He’s always hated the Bill of Rights anyway, so no surprise here. Folks really should look up his floor vote records, you’d be amazed. . NDAA, Warrantless Surveilance, Omnibus, TSA, Indefinite Detention, TPP - all Yay votes. . Wait... he’s a “republican”??? Well, they must like him, they keep...
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    Private Property in American History

    Conclusion - . In 1972 Justice Potter Stewart questioned the dichotomy between personal liberties and property rights. He observed: . In fact, a fundamental interdependence exists between the personal right to liberty and the personal right to property. Neither could have meaning without the...
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    “50,000 Acres” and “When we close a business we file for bankruptcy”

    The Wall is a brand of Utopia. We all know that Utopia does not exist. One would be better served to lock themselves into their homes or inside of a box, exchanging liberty for mythical total security. . Golf courses, farms, communities, parks, businesses... the wall would not be just an...
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    Critical Thoughts Concerning Immigration and the Wall

    Every time there is a "crisis" it costs us dearly in terms of freedom and dollars. And even though this has been repeated over and over, time and again, the people still do not learn. . Immigration and The Wall. . I cannot seem to find hard numbers. DHS has some data and projections, MIT uses...
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    U.S. Foreign Policy Directly Created the Migrant Crisis

    President Trump says he will not allow them in and the situation is once again becoming a huge political debate over immigration. . But immigration is only a symptom of the actual problem. . The actual problem - U.S. “foreign policy” in Honduras and Central American countries for over the last...
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    OPS, I would like your thoughts

    Edited... Thanks for your thoughts.