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    95% recoil reduction???

    I find this a little hard to swallow, but if true , I think I would go for it. Link Removed There is a demo if you click on the HERE button and more info if you click on the PRICE button. There are more demo movies if you click on TOP GUN at the top of the page. So, what are your thoughts...
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    When is the XD-M compact coming?

    I saw an interesting review/commentary on the XDM you might be interested in. Link Removed They also noted that a 9MM will be coming out with a 19+1 capacity.
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    Firefight at Pahrump, NV RV Park

    Click below for the newspaper article. Link Removed I had my scanner on and heard the "shots fired" call go out. Two units responded and could hear more shots and saw some flashes. They called for more backup and headed for the area where the shots were coming from. This rv park is surrounded...
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    DHS can search/sieze laptops, cell phones etc

    Just read a revealing article in PC WORLD about 'Border Agents' ability to search and confiscate our electronic devices WITHOUT probable cause. Reading the article would make you think it would only be if you are travelig internationally, but, after reading the actual carefully worded document...
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    USGS estimates untapped Actic oil & gas

    An interesting release from the USGS.
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    No REAL Change for DC Gun Laws

    DC to vote on gun bill prompted by court ruling By BRIAN WESTLEY, Associated Press Writer Mon Jul 14, 7:19 PM ET The District of Columbia Council planned to vote Tuesday on emergency legislation to allow handguns if they are used only for self-defense in the home and carry fewer than 12...
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    NV ACLU Supports 2A Individual Rights

    Nevada ACLU supports an individual’s right to bear arms State affiliate bucks national stance, supporting the right to bear arms See las Vegas Sun article! Note and vote in the poll in the article. Nevada ACLU supports an individual?s right to bear arms - Las Vegas Sun
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    Talk about Nightmares!

    I received this from a friend today. A nightmare or a dream. Let me describe it to you briefly... 1. Hillary wins the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States 2. Naturally, she wants to choose as her running mate someone with a lot of knowledge and experience in...
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    World's Smallest Gun

    This shouldn't print too badly in a iwb holster!:icon_biggrin:
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    Senator Coburn Starting Poll On Nat'l Park Carry

    I just voted- results great so far. Everybody please vote!
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    Sioux City Journal looking for comments

    The Sioux City IA Journal is looking for comments on SD proposed legislation on allowing CCW on college campuses. Link Removed
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    AGF Relaxing Rules?

    I just read an article regarding the Arkansas Game & Fish Com. allowing more CW carry. It looks like some headway is being made, but the exceptions were very hazy. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted Thursday to allow hunters with concealed carry licenses to possess concealed handguns...
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    A strong advocate of the 2nd amendment

    I caught part of the first hour of "Coast to Coast AM" the night of the Omaha mall shooting. A caller was actually shouting and screaming at the host, George Noory, for being in favor of people having guns and CCW permits. Mr. Noory finally got the man to shut up for a moment and calmly advised...