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    What do you do?

    You reacted perfectly (assuming it was legal in your state). In my state, your car and workplace are an extension of your home. I'm sure your adrenaline had your heart rate going through the roof if it was your first time pulling. I know the first time I drew, I was a little freaked out for the...
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    GOP Reaches a New Low — Threaten Businesses That Don’t Agree With Them

    At least he did it publicly unlike the Democrats that pressured delta and others to sever ties with the NRA. If the Democrats can abuse their power and run free, then the right must do the same or we won't survive. Good job Cagle!!! WooHooo!!!!
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    Another School Shooting In Florida . . . How many more?

    We need to arm every teacher. And equip them with these bad boys.... Link Removed