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    Concealed Carry Pants

    How many have seen these? They look to be very good and a new way to carry. May have to get a pair of the cargo shorts or wait until the jeans come out. Link Removed
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    CC in Clark County (Las Vegas) vs rest of Nevada

    Just got back from the first weekend of NFR in Las Vegas. Had an interesting discussion with a gentleman from Montana who makes leather goods. He had some really nice (and very pricey) pancake holsters that he hand makes. Well, got into discussions with him on CCW. He told me that even though my...
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    College CC Petition

    Not sure how this will work with out of state signers, but a good way to get things started? ODU (VA) students gathering petitions for student carry Link Removed They want 5000 signatures on the petition:
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    Iowa vehicle carry

    I am passing thru Iowa (only 10 miles worth) and have looked at Iowa law best I can. From what I see, even though I am a MO CCW holder, in Iowa, in my vehicle, gun must be unloaded and not close enough to reach by driver or passenger, and ammo must be separate and the same. Just want to make...
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    CCW on water

    Okay, now that warmer weather is almost starting to show up, how many of you carry when you're out on the water? I really wouldn't want to leave my firearm locked in my vehicle at the boat ramp. Or even a better question, how are the laws relating to having a weapon on your boat, just like it...