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    2010 Missouri Capitol Gun Rally

    The annual 2010 Capitol gun rally will be held in the first floor rotunda 1000-1200, Thursday, April 8th, 2010. The LT Governor and a number of legislators will speak. Come talk to your legislators and encourage them to protect your rights. Check out Missouri Concealed Carry Gun Permit and...
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    Kansas To RecognizeNon-Resident Permits

    The Kansas Attorney General, Steve Six, says Non-Resident permits are legal in Kansas. Effective date is July 1, 2009 Link Removed Looks like Kansas finally has an AG that can interpret what the law makers wrote!
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    Concealed Carry in Virginia State Forests

    Urgent Action Alert-State Forests' If you live or travel in Virginia I urge you to sign the petition for carry in State Forests. Link Removed Go to almost the the bottom of the page to The Latest News From VA-Alert Thanks!
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    Rally in Chicago

    There will be a Second Amendment Rally at the Thompson Center in the Loop on 26 June 2009. More info at Illinois State Rifle Association
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    Reciprocity with Missouri

    The Reciprocity map for Missouri is wrong. Tennessee recognizes all states permits as does Missouri. Could someone fix this?