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    Winchester Ranger ammo..

    For the life of me I can't find this stuff in stores and online everyone is out of stock... is there anyone who can help me find this ammo I'm particularly looking for 45 acp.. this is an unbelievable round. I also would like to try 9mm I think is called winchester ranger t The t stands for...
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    gun rentals

    Where in the memphis area can I rent an fnx 9 or fns 9
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    HR 218/LEOSA application

    How do we apply for this in arkansas
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    HR 218/LEOSA help needed

    I was wondering how do we apply for this in our state?
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    northern firearms

    They have the fnx 9 I have been looking for and they say once you order the gun it's free shipping straight to your house. Has anyone ever used this company?
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    FNX or FNS 9mm rental

    Does anyone know of a place in the state that has these 2 guns for rent? I have looked everywhere
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    Fnx 9mm

    I'm a huge fan of FN weapons, from the quality of the build and all the bells and whistles that come with them. I know there are a lot of 9mm to compare this weapon and I would love to know the opinions and pro's and con's of people who have shot this weapon and know about others. The FNS...
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    Fn Herstal

    I'm from Arkansas and I love FN Herstal products as expensive as they are. I believe that their products are made in South Carolina. The question I would be asking is are their products easier to find in South Carolina. I know you will find a four leaf clover before you find anything FN here in...
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    full metal jacket

    I was wondering what would be disadvantages and advantages of carrying hardball or hollow points. I'm more so thinking of the prices. I carry .45 if i go with regular hardball I can practice and carry and have no differences. I do know walking around with gold dot .45 acp is on another level but...
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    mystery gun lubricant

    A couple of years ago I picked up my grandfather's pistol from a gunsmith that did some work and cleaned it up for him. Whatever lubricant he used was the best spelling lubricant or oil I have ever smelled. I tried finding the guy to ask him what he used but he died. (God rest his soul).. I know...
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    To pursue or to not pursue

    I'm from Arkansas and from what I understand we don't have the stand your ground law here. We have to flee until we have no other choice. (By law, before you use deadly force, from what I understand). For example if you are walking along minding your own business down an idle street and robber...
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    Do they give my gun back?

    Out of all the the discussions I follow, there hasn't been anything I have seen about the after shooting investigation. If someone breaks in your house, you shoot and kill them Do they immediately take your gun? If it is a righteous shoot do you get it back?.... I'm walking about with a 600...
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    online conceal carry classes

    Anyone know if these exist. I would figure it would be very convenient. Could it be possible to take online class for different states. I don't see how you couldn't.
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    Firearm limit

    As long as we have a conceal license can we have or travel with as many fire arms as we can carry? Or is there a limit? I haven't seen a law for this but if someone knows something I don't know I want to be legal.
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    FNX .45 Compact

    Right now this is my favorite weapon the fnx 45... I saw some pics of a compact version anyone with any info on this. Does it really exist cause it's the first I've heard of it
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    Looking through sights

    I own a .45 pistol and I'm right handed but sometimes my right eye gets very blurry. Is it possible to be a right hand fire with your left eye? Or is it best to shoot both eyes open?
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    Bonded Ammo

    I have recently been enamored with the .45 golden saber ammo. The only reason I see not to use it is the price. It's expensive. By the way I'm very new at this if you have any opinion about other bonded ammo feel free to help me out. Particularly in .45 and 9mm.
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    How to take care of your weapon!

    Ok I'm new to the gun owning world and have a fnx 45 that's a little over 2 months old and she is my pride and joy. I read a lot about oiling, rusting and storage. I wondering because I always clean mine but never store anywhere because I always have it with me in my sticky holster. Is this good...