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    Another episode of deadly force

    Seems to me that incidents such as this are becoming much more commonplace, at least in this area of the country. Homeland Defense at its simple best! When will crooks learn to be more careful in home selection?:D
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    KEL TEC Thread

    I am a Kel Tec addict.:D I am sure there are others out there. Kel Tec makes some great carry pistols, P11, PF9, P3AT, P32 and formerly the P40 no longer in production. My PF9 always close by, pics coming soon.
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    Self defense

    Everytime I read an article about this type of situation it enforces the reason I carry. Link Removed But carrying in a bag in a van really makes it difficult.
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    If you want to help with your state's info, read inside

    South Carolina Legistature South Carolina info- Link Removed
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    Carry South Carolina

    Brand New here, looks like a good place to start.