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  1. Jay

    If you receive VA health care...

    If you're receiving VA health care, you should be getting a new VA ID card........ Veterans Health Identification Card - Health Benefits What to do if you do not receive your new VHIC You should receive your VHIC within 7 to 10 days after you request a VHIC card. Although we strive to do all...
  2. Jay

    CC in Indianapolis city parks?

    SEA 292 (Senate Enrolled Act)... as of 1 July, 2011 Quote: Preemption of local firearm regulation. Prohibits, with certain exceptions, a political subdivision from regulating: (1) firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories; (2) the ownership, possession, carrying, transportation...
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    Quick Question about Application for License

    IC 35-47-2-3 Version a Application for license to carry handgun; procedure Note: This version of section effective until 7-1-2014. See also following version of this section, effective 7-1-2014. Sec. 3. (a) A person desiring a license to carry a handgun shall apply: (1) to the chief of police or...
  4. Jay

    Guard duty... every day.... no matter what....

    Hats off to the Old Guard. Outstanding.
  5. Jay

    The New Ammunition That Has Gun Owners Drooling

    $44 per 20 rounds... Link Removed I'll stay with my hydro-shoks... whatever works
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    Tips for a CCW and Police Stop

    Originally posted Jun 26th, 2011 on the Guns and Ammo website. Link Removed
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    USMC Toys For Tots...

    If you should be so inclined...... marine corps commercial Toys For Tots - YouTube
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    New Indiana Deadly Force Laws....

    Current law... as of July 1 2006 ... Link Removed
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    Question on range bags

    I use this one from Midway, and have for several years. It goes on sale every so often for around $40. It's an excellent bag. Link Removed
  10. Jay

    Shooting while Pregnant??

    I had a pregnant (first trimester) lady inquire about firearms classes for her and her husband. I told her that I would be glad to teach her, but only upon receipt of a statement from her Dr. saying that it would be safe for her fetus to do so. I've had several similar requests over the years...
  11. Jay

    Generic Letter To "No Firearms Allowed" Businesses

    Consider this... Link Removed Here are a couple of .doc files so that you can edit your own cards... Link Removed Link Removed
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    SAAMI video of ammunition in fires, and impacts....

    This is a pretty neat video... I'd be in favor of this vid becoming a sticky. Valuable information, especially for firefighters.
  13. Jay

    Allow guns in school?

    Might want to consider arming some of the students as well.... Still under investigation, but it's sad state of affairs, that a 14 year-old has to take up arms, to defend his family. ...investigation ongoing.... Granted, the story is 6 monoths old, but still quite relevant to current events...
  14. Jay

    Allow guns in school?

    Link Removed
  15. Jay

    Teachers to carry guns in Texas school...

    Link Removed It's from 2008, but still.....I think this is a good thing, while hoping that those firearms will never have to be used in defense of the school, it's students, or staff.
  16. Jay

    Undersized Gunbuster signs at banks

    I live in a real small town. We have one bank, one gas station, one market, a Post Office, a cafe, a John Deere dealership, and two cops... one for days, and one for nights. I taught all the bank employees how to shoot. They know that a "no guns" sign of any sort, in Indiana, carries no legal...
  17. Jay

    Are you at risk when you go to the range?

    Not at all, sir..... while your response is quite "flip"" it's considerably off the mark. The problem IS the risk of going to the range... and getting killed in the process. Read. Link Removed Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - Rewards Self-Defense Tip: Never Shoot Alone | The Truth...
  18. Jay

    Are you at risk when you go to the range?

    Well, you certainly can be.... I was talking with a long time shooting friend this morning, and we got onto the subject of the risk a person runs when they go to a shooting range. If some miscreant was looking for a source of small items, worth lots of money, easy to sell, found in a secluded...
  19. Jay

    New Indiana firearms laws effective July 1, 2011

    Here are some new, and favorable Indiana firearms laws effective July 1, 2011 SEA = Senate Enrolled Act SEA 94 Quote: Purchase of firearms. Makes it a Class C felony for a person to knowingly or intentionally give false information on certain forms or offer false evidence of identity in...
  20. Jay

    How do you feel/react to "No Guns" signs?

    I give the business owner a sign of my own..... Link Removed I have .doc files that can be edited so the info on the back matches your state laws. I'll be glad to post 'em if anyone wants 'em...