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  1. DarrellM5

    Advice for business trip to Denver

    I have a business trip to Denver next week in which I'll be traveling by air. I have a Nevada CCW and Utah non-resident CCW. I used to be good to go in Colorado with the Utah permit until they changed their requirement to state that you had to be a resident of the state that the permit was...
  2. DarrellM5

    The new wave of gun control finally arrives in Nevada - AB234

    Assemblyman William Horne, along with 5 primary sponsors and 6 co-sponsors, introduced AB234 Monday, March 11th, 2013. This bill seeks to require background checks on private sales, prohibit possession of metal-penetrating, tracer and incendiary ammuntion, and impose a $25 per gun tax and 2...
  3. DarrellM5

    Looking at compact 1911's

    I'm thinking of purchasing a compact 1911 for carry purposes. My budget is about $1300. The reason I'm considering a compact is the grip height. I'd prefer a 4" barrel over a 3" because of the slightly increased velocity and greater sight radius. I've noticed a lot of "compacts" still have...
  4. DarrellM5

    Concealed carry vest

    I wear a Roma Leather motorcycle vest with built in holster pockets. I really like it. Here's the link: Link Removed As for people trying to avoid the "shoot me first" look with the other vests, a couple of Nikon patches sewn on the front and back will fix that quick.
  5. DarrellM5

    VLTOR/BCM "Gunfighter Tactical charger for your AR/15

    I prefer the ACLM charging handle. Here's a link: Link Removed Reliable, ambidextrous and you just pull back on it.
  6. DarrellM5

    Online MSNBC Poll on Restaurant Carry

    Would you patronize a bar that allows customers to bring in their guns? Vote in the MSNBC poll. As of now, we're losing with a 64% NO vote and a 30% YES vote. Vote here: Newsvine - Would you patronize a bar that allows customers to bring in their guns?
  7. DarrellM5

    Gunman Opens Fire in London Restaurant

    This could have ended a lot worse than it did. Of course, the gunman got away. It sounds like everyone started hiding under the table like a bunch of sheep. What a screwed up country. :wacko: BBC NEWS | UK | Gunman opens fire in restaurant
  8. DarrellM5

    What height rings??

    I have a Savage 10FLP in .308. I've mounted a Super Sniper 10x42 fixed power scope on a Ken Farrel base using Burris Xtreme Tactical 30mm rings. Here's a link: Link Removed These are some very respected rings on some of the optics forums. They are very strong and, although I lapped them in...
  9. DarrellM5

    Governor vetoes AB246

    Governor Gibbons vetoed the Apprentice Hunting Bill. I don't get it. I thought he was on our side. Looks like another politician to get rid of.
  10. DarrellM5

    Are there any Premitted Motorcyclist out there???

    The best way I've found to carry on the bike is in a 5.11 holster shirt or a leather CCW vest from Roma Leather. The Coronado vests are really nice, but really spendy. The Roma vest goes for $90. Here's a link to the vest: Link Removed
  11. DarrellM5

    NRA Annual Meetings in Phoenix

    I'm heading down to the annual meetings this weekend in Phoenix. My son lives there so I can't pass up the opportunity. I'm mostly interested in the expo and I'm planning on taking a lot of photos. Are there any firearms or accessories that people would like me to look into? I'll be on the...
  12. DarrellM5

    .308 ballistic table

    1. I zero mine at 200 yards. 2. I use the 168gr Match King bullets. Here's a ballistics table from Shooting Times: Link Removed 3. Not sure, read some books on the subject, hang out with someone who's experienced at it, go to an Appleseed shoot to work on the basics of shooting.
  13. DarrellM5

    New Caliber for me - 6.8 SPC

    I ordered a 6.8 Extreme from a couple of months ago. It should ship here in the next 3-6 weeks so I figured I'd better start getting some ammo for it. I took one look at the prices and decided that reloading is the only affordable way to shoot 6.8. Everything seems to...
  14. DarrellM5

    The old priest in the hospital

    The old priest lay dying in the hospital. For years He had faithfully served the people of the nation's capital. He motioned for his nurse to come near. "Yes, Father?" said the nurse. "I would really like to see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi before I die", whispered the priest. "I'll see what...
  15. DarrellM5

    Shooter in Winnemucca, NV, stopped by legally armed citizen

    A legally armed citizen put a stop to a shooting in a bar & grill in Winnemucca, NV by fatally shooting the bad guy. Final outcome was 3 dead, including the bad guy, and 2 injured. Link Removed Link Removed Thank God that there was someone present who refused to be a victim!
  16. DarrellM5

    UN may be able to force Myammar to accept aid

    This is sorta scary. According to this article at MSN: The UN may be able to force Myanmar to accept aid by invoking a "responsibility to protect" clause. Wow, so the UN can go into a country to "protect the civilians" even if it violates national...
  17. DarrellM5

    Securing for Readily Accessible Car Carry

    Here's an excellent thread on this subject: Link Removed
  18. DarrellM5

    Vests for concealed carry & motorcycling

    Thanks HK4U. Those are really nice. I also found one made by Roma Leather that's available at: Link Removed It's a lot less expensive than the Coronado, but that could mean several things. I've sent them an email to see if it's ambidextrous and to find out if a patch would look good on the...
  19. DarrellM5

    Vests for concealed carry & motorcycling

    I'm looking for ideas on a vest that could be used for both CCW and motorcycling. So far I've found one, from concealed carry outfitters. Here's the link: Link Removed I guess the black oilskin one might work OK, but I'd prefer leather. I will be putting a 10" x 9" patch on the back and...
  20. DarrellM5

    Nevada now honors Florida's CCW's.

    That's the way I understand it, according to the interactive permit map on this site. Also the wording on the Nevada Dept. of Public Safety website does not stipulate that the permit holder must be a resident of the state. Here's the link: Link Removed