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    CCW Holder shot by LVMPD - Justified?????

    Billt, you've hit the nail on the head. Don't ever expect this troll to concede a point. As you stated, when his POV gets refuted or shown to be erroneous, he just shucks and jives, and is onto something else. And he will always have the last word, as you can see here. So, unless you enjoy...
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    My Resignation

    They are welcome to go there, as I won't see 'em. Look, this is all so much BS and I've said it before. Not everyone on this "other site" is a Christian, so know that. The site admins, however, say that everyone's viewpoint must be respected and they enforce it. So, you can disagree, argue...
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    Say NO!!!

    Cute. Grown men (physically, anyway) running to wild is that? :laugh: I mean, I taught my sons not to do that when they were like 5 years old.
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    New Baltimore Ravens Quarterback

    New Baltimore Ravens Quarterback. I am a native Marylander, so ya know. ---------------------------------------------------- The coach had put together the perfect team for the Baltimore Ravens. The only thing that was missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges and even...
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    The way it should be

    Interesting day. Open-carried into a convenience store this a.m. As I entered, I noticed an LEO at the counter. As I walked up to the 2nd register, I glanced over and yup, sure enough, he's looking at the XD on my hip and then looks up at me. Now, we're eyeball to eyeball. He nods and I nod...
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    Bye, all

    I've gotten several admonishments from Lukem recently. Apparently, I've ticked off some people enough that they've contacted site admins about it, more than once. I would have preferred that they would have PM'ed me, and we could have straightened it out, but they didn't. My participation on...
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    Troll Management

    We've had troll issues in the past wherein several trolls have managed to get themselves banned from the site. Currently, we still have an active troll who, I'm convinced, just visits the site to antagonize people. While I don't mind good healthy argument, and have even conceded a point now...
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    Out of Control LEO"S

    Well, thank you, CIB, for that uplifting little tidbit. And they wonder why we don't trust or respect them.
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    Leisure Reading

    Anyone familiar with the author Vince Flynn? If you're not and you like to read good modern-day fiction, look him up. It's the USA the way it is and the way it ought to be, with a seriously badass hero. Mitch Rapp for President!
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    I'm obviously pretty clueless when it takes friends from several states away to call me and tell me to take shelter! Pays to have friends who are retired and have the time to watch this stuff. If Ricbak and my partner hadn't said anything, I suppose I would just have sat here in my office...
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    Interesting afternoon, yesterday. My business partner stopped at my office and asked: "Is that the sirens I hear?" Yup, sure is. So, outside we go (the authorities sound the civil defense sirens which means to "take cover" as tornadoes are about; around here, the sirens are the signal for...
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    Situational Awareness

    So, recently I walked into a convenience store late at nite (around 1:00 am) and immediately notice there's no one behind the counter or in the store. I stop walking, sweep my vest aside for easier access to my sidearm, and yell "Hellooooo?". Nothing. At this point, I again carefully sweep...
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    How OFten do u all practice ?

    My son and I just purchased 20 acres in the boonies and building my own range is one of my first priorities. I'm quite pumped about it. There is a huge barn on the farmstead which I'm thinking of converting into an indoor range (our winters are quite long and cold, here). We should close on...
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    Let's support this site

    Hey, ya'll I've been posting on this site for about 1.5 years now and finally got off my duff to pay in a little support. I'm happy to do it and should've done it a long time ago. In addition to learning something every once in awhile, I've made some great friends here, many of whom I've...
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    Is It Worth Joining the NRA?

    I thought I WAS being nice. "Shame, shame, shame" was a Gomer or Goober expression on the old Andy Griffith show. I thought I was being funny. I'm too old, I guess, cause you didin't catch on. Now, you're hurting MY feelings. :cray: __________ Link Removed
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    This is what socialism will make people become

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    These'll work, Ektarr, thanks. They fit right into the spirit of the thing. :laugh:
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    I'm sure we'll find some reason to flame each other (my breed's better'n yours!) but this should be a relatively safe topic. I'm just welcoming the latest addition to the pack: a 10-wk old German Wire-Haired Pointer. He joins the old black lab (Jake, what else?), the Brittany (Hemi, my son's...
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    Police State Anyone?

    From Reason magazine, this is a little long, but should be interesting reading for most of you. This occurred in my native state of Maryland. FYI, I was busted in...oh...1975, for taking a picutre of "our men in blue" as they strode through the County Fair. At the time, I was a college...
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    Military could quell Chicago violence

    You're dang right I do. Once Pandora gets out of the box (military doing domestic law enforcement), we're gonna be living in a whole different environment.