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  1. uscg4good

    Moving to Houston - safe place to live?

    I'll be packing up and moving to Houston in June. I need to find a safe place to live, preferrably a rental house, I'm sick of apartments. My new office will be on the east side, just outside 610. I'd like to be relatively close to work, without having to live in a train car. :sarcastic...
  2. uscg4good

    Louisiana will not honor Florida's non-resident lic after Aug. 2011

    Ok just got off the phone. I spoke to a woman with a 'tude. She said after Aug. 15, 2011 your FL Non-Res permit will be invalid for use in LA. I asked her if I can see that in writing anywhere and she referred me to their website, and the LA Legislature. Louisiana State Police Link...
  3. uscg4good

    1911 Lowering hammer on chambered round

    Here ya go, the right answer, not just a bunch of opinion. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. This way, also, your butt will be covered if you do have a negligent discharge and injure someone, or damage someone's property. These directions are straight from the Springfield 1911...
  4. uscg4good

    Serpa CQC or Sportster?

    Hey yall, I'm trying to decide between the CQC or Sportster for my Sig P229 and can't decide which one to get. I need a holster that's going to keep my pistol close to my body as possible. I like the Sportser because it has the paddle that fits inside the pants. I'm just not sure on the...