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  1. CapGun

    Jekyll Island

    We will be visiting in March. With all the sights, museums/ mansions and such can anyone warn be about places restricted to CC? If anyone cares to give some recommendations for places to visit and things to do including restaurants and for local flavor diners, drive-ins and dives.:neo: Thanks
  2. CapGun

    Professional Knife Sharpeners?

    Link Removed Just a recommendation. Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop - Online Store
  3. CapGun

    Airsoft Replica to keep my holstering and First Shot Skills Sharp

    THose blue guns of which I speak Link Removed are molded with little detail and they are cheaper then an air-soft. Link Removed
  4. CapGun

    Carrying Options - I just can't find the right one!!

    Link Removed The best out there. Don't laugh. I have one it comes in handy! Another option FlashBang Holster Gotta love the name. Flash-Bang.
  5. CapGun

    ISIS Has A Plan To KILL 90% Of All Americans

    Read this and then decide. A work of fiction but interesting. Call it "faction". A lot of interesting facts rolled in.
  6. CapGun

    Dems introducing another magazine ban TODAY...

    I feel safer already! So if someone goes "postal" and kills ten people they get a pass? Killing eleven while using a larger capacity mag makes the NRA guilty? Car deaths are lower then gun deaths for the first time. Write this idiot telling her you want that trend to continue while saving more...
  7. CapGun

    A tale of two data sets...

    It doesn't, does it? Unless you read my complete statement in context. ​Don't be so contentious and you might not have such a hard time here. You should read what you write. You think that the implementation of "gun-control measures" could be a reaction to violence and criminality? OK I'll go...
  8. CapGun

    Best carry position

    You're going to hate my suggestion along with others but given your situation get over it:dirol:Link Removed Should make your life easier. These are the best packs out there.
  9. CapGun

    Favorite range bag

    Link Removed
  10. CapGun

    Smallest modern 9mm automatic?

    Without a doubt, this is what you asked for! The Products - R9 series | Rohrbaugh Firearms When this was first posted the picture was here and clearly visible. What's up with that? Link Removed
  11. CapGun

    Whats your Favorite Knife

    Link Removed Mine has a cream colored handle. It is not a weapon/knife. It is a "rescue tool". I did a lot of research for quality and price. Check out the specs. on blade thickness. I found an online dealer that saved me something like 60 bucks...
  12. CapGun

    Concealed Carry Fanny Pack for larger pistols ?

    Link Removed Excellent quality! In most packs the gun is not totally parallel to the ground. Due to the grip of the gun it is somewhat positioned that the barrel does angle gradually down.
  13. CapGun

    Range Bag Advice

    Link Removed I own one. I am always impressed by the features and especially the heavy duty quality. The label doesn't scream gun. I like to be inconspicuous if I can. I highly recommend!
  14. CapGun

    FAMILY Shoots and Kills Intruder

    RHINO > > > > Do you really think that I believe that an errant "warning" shot would bring an end to concealed carry? Got to be careful what I post because what is obvious to me seems not to be so obvious after all. Warning shots? I just can't wait for when a legal CC decides on a warning shot...
  15. CapGun

    Best Distance for Pistol Target Shooting

    Besides the EMP being a great looking piece it is very well made and SA has great customer service. (not talking about their current problem which I have no firsthand knowledge of.) The .40 is a good choice with the all steel frame. With only a 3" barrel it can be a handful. I decided to look...
  16. CapGun

    School posts deadly force sign...

    Link RemovedLink RemovedI wonder which sign might be more effective? After all, those that bring guns into a gun free school zone could face Federal penalties as the sign says.
  17. CapGun

    RUGER Very good experience!

    You are making me laugh. I know exactly what you mean. Many people never take this gun down for a complete cleaning. Others that do never get it back together again without help. Great gun though. You need to read the manual carefully. Be patient and follow it step by step and don't assume...
  18. CapGun

    RUGER Very good experience!

    It's a Mark III Hunter pistol. Beautiful piece. Reminds me of a Luger a bit but 6 7/8" barrel. Got it yesterday. Will take it down tomorrow morning and clean and lubricate it. Then off to the range. Link Removed
  19. CapGun

    Tip for Successful IWB - Lose weight!

    You left one out. How about a FLASH BANG?:pleasantry: I just couldn't help myself! Link Removed No offense meant at all!