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  1. weekendskp

    List of Missouri CCW Instructors

    NRA Basic Pistol and CCW classes offered in the Reeds Spring / Branson area of SW Missouri. On the Web at Link Removed email: [email protected] Not having a gun prior to the class is not necessarily a hindrance. Multiple sizes and styles of guns are available to shoot, and there's an...
  2. weekendskp

    Got denied entry into gun show today

    I've been to several gun shows in Missouri. There is no state statute that prohibits carrying a concealed firearm by a licensed individual in any gun show. I have seen police officers in uniform standing in the entry way, but they are likely off duty, and only keeping the peace. There isn't...
  3. weekendskp

    Did You Turn them in, or Register Your Rifles or Magazines?

    The numbers reported are telling. Perhaps residents of Connecticut do have a set of huevos. Molon Labe, right!
  4. weekendskp

    Missouri Losing Reciprocating States!

    What's going on? Missouri has lost Nevada and Virginia recently as reciprocating carry States. Arkansas looks like the most universally accepted with 40 reciprocating States.
  5. weekendskp

    Highway Patrol Gives Fed CCW Info

    If you live in Missouri, please contact your Reps, Governor Nixon, and Peter Kinder. Link Removed Look up your State Senator here.
  6. weekendskp

    Connecticut will now be called the Un-Constitution State!

    Connecticut has been called the Constitution State, Nutmeg State, and the Provisions State. Most of the population is included in the same statistical region as New York City which explains why they passed such draconian firearm laws. If you live in Connecticut, and can't get out, you must...
  7. weekendskp

    Missouri Spring Turkey

    The Missouri Department of Conservation has posted a rule stating that all turkey hunters using a shotgun must place an orange sticker on the breech so that the shooter sees the sticker while looking down the barrel. The orange sticker says, "Be Safe". That's what we've been doing wrong all...
  8. weekendskp

    Your favorite safe queen?

    Why would you do that? Would you buy a car, and not drive it? I could understand not shooting it much, but never at all. I'm not a big fan of wheel guns, but the Python is a nice work of art.
  9. weekendskp

    Bought a rossi .38 sp +p 4 inch blued

    My wife is taking a CCW class later this month so I bought a revolver for her qualifier. In MO, you have to qualify with a semi and a wheel gun. The cheapest method would have been for her just to rent the .22 Taurus at the range for the class, but at the end of the day, one doesn't own...
  10. weekendskp

    Tired of waiting.

    I bought a Springfield Loaded 1911 last Thursday on Gun Broker. The vendor from Iowa of all places didn't run my card until the next day. I emailed him this morning asking about UPS tracking number. No response. I hate it when they get your money, and don't deliver on customer service.
  11. weekendskp

    Another restaurant that doesn't want our business. and it's a big chain

    I saw no 30.06 signs at the Clearwater, FL Hooters, and that is the first Hooters store in existence. The food is okay, but customer services was despicable. The bartender acted like we were interrupting her TV watching and texting with her BF. But, at least I can say I went to the original...
  12. weekendskp

    Breaking News - NYPD Developing Device To Detect Hidden Weapons

    NYPD developing device to detect concealed weapons - Fox News Video - Fox News Adds whole new meaning to Terry.
  13. weekendskp

    Are there rules or guidelines that govern vehicle usage by LEO?

    I know the question isn't clear or concise, but here's why I ask. I saw a cop car sitting under a 4 lane overpass, off the road in the grass, in the dark with its lights off. I don't know why, but I was under the impression that police, when observing traffic and/or using radar to catch...
  14. weekendskp

    Ar dicision dilemna seeking advice

    I've been entertaining the idea of getting an AR-10 or an AR-15. Heck, I've even considered getting a AK-47, but I can't decide. What are the selling points? Do I really need another gun? Other than an attack by zombies, does it serve any sporting purpose? Do I splurge and get the Armalite...
  15. weekendskp

    Tea party co-founder arrested for breaking no laws

    This incident, although unfortunate for Mark Meckler, is a high profile case that hopefully will provide necessary antiseptic for anti-gun states like New York. Or perhaps, it's just wishful thinking. Tea Party | Concealed Carry | Felony | The Daily Caller states that one should...
  16. weekendskp

    Left handed

    HK supposedly makes a left handed model, but I cannot attest to whether the ejection port is left handed or not. Link Removed
  17. weekendskp

    A Sheep Dog's Prayer

    I give up. Wouldn't that outfit make it rather difficult to draw the concealed firearm? There's no belt loops for the bat belt accessories.
  18. weekendskp

    Have you contacted your Congressman...

    H.R. 822 does none of those things. The above is a fictitious post by an obvious gun control proponent. Read the full text of the bill, and decide for yourself. H.R. 822 is NOT the "national CCW registration act" as listed above. "" obviously has a hidden agenda.
  19. weekendskp

    Jury duty

    My wife told me that I wouldn't be allowed to carry my 2 1/4" Victorinox Red pocket knife with me into the court house, but I pushed the issue anyway. "Empty your pockets, take off your belt." said the officer at the check-in counter. "Take that back to your car", he said. I huffed out...
  20. weekendskp

    Conceal Carry not allowed on Corp of Engineers Property, ie. campgrounds?

    The Corps said, in a statement: “Public Law 111-024 does not apply to Corps projects or facilities . . . [and the Army Corps] will continue to prohibit loaded concealed weapons on Corps properties regardless of the new law and notwithstanding any contrary provisions of state law.” Legislation...