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    I will have to agree with Red though:) Green costs more and performs less:laugh::laugh::laugh: New Holland Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Link Removed and of course the New Holland NH2:) Link Removed
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    List of South Carolina CCW Instructors

    Walterboro Gun Shop in Walterboro, SC Link Removed They have classes every Saturday.... $100 includes All paperwork done, fingerprinting,class, shooting, they even supply guns and ammo (.22) Also if you have 6 people or more, they will come to you!
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    What does a legal NO CWP sign in SC look like?

    i have seen alot of signs saying differant things and differant sizes. and I also know they is a strict guidline setup on what the sign has to look like and say. Can someone show me a picture of one? thanks
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    Hello from SC

    Hello everyone from SC.... I did my cwp class and sending my packet in soon:) Just wanted to swing by and say hello:) you will see plenty of me around here for sure...
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    Couple of CWP questions:)

    I took my CWP class and aced it:) 100 on test and 100 on range. I am so proud of myself. Of course my time in the Marines I think helped a little with the shooting part:) Anyways I will be mailing my packet to SLED either tormorrow or Monday... My questions are... On the form it asked for my...