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  1. toreskha

    Survival training program for advanced skills

    Is there a survival forum out there - or would someone be interested in starting one - where people could disseminate, learn and begin to apply information that would be important in a survival situation but might not necessarily relate directly to firearms? This could have several advantages...
  2. toreskha

    Hands free 2 way radio

    Depending on its intended use, you may want to consider something a little more low-profile. Link Removed A big headset with a microphone boom is going to get in the way and affect your field of vision and it's hard to wear with a gas mask, helmet or other headgear or use a scope. It's not...
  3. toreskha

    Bumpy LEO encounter tonight

    First off, I'm in Florida. Ok, well, tonight around 9:30 I was on one side of town and trying to get to the other side. I had my friend and her cousin in the back and they both look like they're about 12 (although they're actually much older). This wasn't a main road, it was more of a side...
  4. toreskha

    Mississippi woman shot in head, just fine

    Link Removed.
  5. toreskha

    Terminator series treats guns right

    I don't know if anyone has seen the Sarah Connor series put out by Fox over the last two years. It's a lot different from the movies, primarily taking a somewhat "darker" tone. One of the consistent themes that I've noticed is that it treats firearms more as tools and less as an excuse for an...
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    Hoplophobia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hmmm...interesting.
  7. toreskha

    Microfiber as a water source

    I've started using microfiber towels after taking a shower. You can get these at Walmart for pretty cheap...the ones I've been using are "Millenium Kitchen" brand (yeah, they're technically "dish towels"). But they have some interesting properties. For one thing, they're self-drying and they...
  8. toreskha

    Everything is amazing and no one is happy

    Link Removed...people complain an awful lot, when there's really not that much to whine about. We should be happy we're alive at all. Shoes are a big plus - lots of people don't have them. When was the last time you were thankful for being able to wear shoes - or for having feet to put them...
  9. toreskha

    Legend of the Mall Ninja

    Ever wonder where the phrase "mall ninja" comes from? Here's your answer. :laugh: :laugh:
  10. toreskha

    Biometric Technology For Gun Safes

    Forensic analysis works off the skin oil as well. Your fingerprints can be lifted from a number of places, reproduced on a variety of mediums, and then used to imitate your presence. It's one of the easiest biometric areas to fake. If someone wears your prints over their fingers, they will be...
  11. toreskha

    Tactical ears

    These are basically hearing aids for hunting. However, they also have Link Removed. Detecting the sound of footsteps, people whispering or a careless movement may give a huge advantage. Clearly this isn't the sort of thing that would be practical to wear on a consistent basis. It would...
  12. toreskha

    Mercedes Benz SCL600

    Actually, there's no steering wheel on the SCL600/F200. Link Removed. It came out as a concept car back in 1996. The backup camera was one item that apparently went mainstream.
  13. toreskha

    EPG car window glass

    This sounds interesting - the article is from 2000 and I guess these are on some newer vehicles, but I haven't heard about it in most cars yet. Sounds like a no-brainer way to make car theft a more difficult job. I wonder if this is available for people who want it put on their vehicles...
  14. toreskha

    Misty-eyed basketball game

    This sounds like a chain email, or a sappy Disney movie. Cool that it happened in real life.
  15. toreskha

    Eric Holder is an idiot

    Link Removed Maybe Mr. Holder should do a survey and find out if this is really the case before he starts saying stupid stuff. :laugh:
  16. toreskha

    Young Marine Faces Expulsion For Replica Rifles

    I think this is probably what they're referring to in the story: Link Removed That could reasonably be mistaken for a real rifle by someone who isn't familiar with firearms. It's not a good idea to discourage students from reporting if they see people walking around with firearms or sitting...
  17. toreskha

    Concealed carry badges?

    Link Removed
  18. toreskha

    Obama’s Hitler Oath?

    Dick Cheney and Addington were eaten up with this "supremacy of presidential authority in wartime" crap - and now look what they've delivered to us. That's exactly the type of attitude that plagues the GOP - abandon conservative principles in favor of following a short-term, shallow policy...
  19. toreskha

    What's with all the murder-suicides lately?

    Ok, so...first the Santa guy, then the 6 or 7-person shooting in LA, Link Removed. What's up with this business? You know...I can see adults getting mad at each other and whatever, but the kids didn't do anything. :sad:
  20. toreskha

    Analog TV to die! THE SKY IS FALLING!!

    The House has refused to delay the switchover from analog to digital TV. Ok, me insensitive or whatever. but what's the big deal? Is TV really THAT essential of a service that we need to make a big deal about potentially - GASP - not having it for a little while? As far as I know...