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  1. Just-A-Jeep

    Gun Rights on Army Corps of Engineers Land

    I know this was in the process of change but does anyone know the current status? :confused: Thanks! Don
  2. Just-A-Jeep

    Army Corps Parks

    Does anyone know if they have removed the restrictions on carrying in an Army Corps Park? Don
  3. Just-A-Jeep

    Training just not the 4hrs minimum..

    Committee suspends training requirement for concealed weapons - JSOnline
  4. Just-A-Jeep

    A sign of things to come?

    Concealed carry violatioins carry $213 city fine
  5. Just-A-Jeep

    Tempory Rules Approved to keep this thing moving.

    Walker OKs 4 hours' training for concealed carry permit - JSOnline
  6. Just-A-Jeep

    Here is where I took my CCW class.

    I know that some people want to get their class in and just wanted to tell of where I had my CCW instruction. Joe is a great guy and has a good/reasonable priced class. I have my Utah and Flordia permits. I could of gotten the Minnesota permit without additional cost in training. (yes I did...