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  1. BigRossation

    Letter of reason for CCW permit?

    RI is a "May Issue" state vs. a "Shall Issue" State. Learn more about it here: Link Removed I don't think any pro-gun information will help you in this case. It sounds to me like they are limiting permits based on actual need rather than your individual rights. Of course, in this case...
  2. BigRossation

    Any Masons on Here?

    You can start here DocBoCook: Link Removed 2 BE 1 ASK 1 Good Luck! :secret:
  3. BigRossation

    Any Masons on Here?

    Just wondering if there were any Masons on this forum.
  4. BigRossation

    How long?

    How long did it take any of you for the following?: 1.) To get over the nervousness of carrying (printing, maintaining concealment, etc.) 2.) To get comfortable with it on you (acclimating to the weight, feel and such) 3.) To get to the point where it was automatic and natural 4.) To get the...
  5. BigRossation

    Body Size Affecting Concealment?

    I am a fairly large man (6'-2" and 325 pounds) and have recently received my permit to carry. I have a Fobus roto-tilt paddle holster and and I am trying to carry my XD 45 Compact strong side between my right hip and my butt cheek. I am not sure if it is just my newness causing me to be "too...