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  1. dendrokeeper

    Right Actions?

    Last week I finally purchased my first 1911! A few days ago I went to break it in. Soon after I arrived another person in his early 20's shows up and begins asking me if he could shoot my gun. I declined, then explained that in NY, you cannot shoot a handgun unless it is registered to you and...
  2. dendrokeeper

    Off Limits???

    That is what I would think as well, but I do know for a fact that a permit was revoked because the person was "made" in the mall. It is possible the permit was revoked because of the exposure, but the judge revoked it for lack of good judgment.
  3. dendrokeeper

    Philadelphia Vacation

    I am taking a trip to Philadelphia very soon. I have a PA LTC. I have been looking but can't find any info on if I cannot carry in: Philadelphia Zoo The Franklin Institute Philadelphia Museum of Art I know I cannot carry at National Park Sites. Thanks for any help
  4. dendrokeeper

    S&W 22A Red Dot

    Does anybody have a red dot on their S&W 22a? I am looking for one but I cannot find much on what will fit it. I was looking at this scope- Link Removed Any suggestions?
  5. dendrokeeper

    Notice: Price Increase

    I just received an application for a non-resident permit and the $35.00 fee was crossed out and in place was written $70.00. I am not sure if this is just for non-resident permits or if it covers resident permits as well.
  6. dendrokeeper

    More Ulster County Bad Press

    Cop charged with gun threat Wednesday, September 23, 2009 By ARIEL ZANGLA Freeman staff MARBLETOWN — A woman who works as a police officer outside of Ulster County has been charged after allegedly brandishing a handgun during a domestic dispute at her home in Marbletown, authorities said on...
  7. dendrokeeper

    Man Gets Shot In Groin During Fight

    Link Removed SHANDAKEN - A 25-year-old man was shot in the groin when he struggled with another man inside a home, police said. Kyle Manny was being treated at Kingston Hospital for his injury, according to state police at Ulster. Police said Manny was struck in the groin by one bullet fired...
  8. dendrokeeper

    Ulster County Application

    I just dropped off my application for a permit yesterday at the Sheriff's Office in Ulster County. The clerk was extremely nice and told me about 3 months, sometimes shorter. She also told me to call at 3 months if I do not hear back so she can make sure it is not hung up anywhere. The...