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  1. mot mayhem

    Leather belts, anyone?

    For anyone near the Cleveland area...... or Middlefield to be exact, and are looking for nice, quality belts I have found the place. I live in a rural, fairly large Amish community. There is a leather craftsman around the corner of me that does WONDERFUL work. I got tired of my POS 511...
  2. mot mayhem

    Headlines from 2029

    HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR: 2029 Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formerly known as California . White minorities still trying to have English recognized as Mexifornia's third language. Spotted Owl plague threatens...
  3. mot mayhem

    reloading info ?

    I am sorry if I am blind, but I thought somewhere there was a forum started about all you ever wanted to know about reloading. Am I wrong? Thanks
  4. mot mayhem

    Suggestions Needed Please

    Hey guys/gals ! My dad is in the market for a semi, most likely a .45, probably a polymer. I think that after seeing my brothers new Glock 9mm he purchased for his Christmas present, he's finally gotten the itch to find another weapon. I told him to consider either the Glock,or an XD, but a...
  5. mot mayhem

    I'm Back! .... Sort Of...

    Well, it has been awhile since I was able to grace these pages. It has been a crazy, hectic year. In January, my wife and I purchaesd a house. The following week we, well she, gave birth to a wonderful daughter - Talia Grace. We have no internet where we are, other than dial-up, which I...
  6. mot mayhem

    yes, I am still alive

    hey guys/gals. to be quite honest, I have not glanced at this for awhile. Still haven't. I have been trying to tie up loose ends in the saga for the house. I will 'splain more, later. hopefully, we should take possession the end of the week, and the baby literally right after that. it is gonna...
  7. mot mayhem

    A Friends Recent Encounter

    I met my friend at the range Friday nite. As we are loading, Adam proceeds to tell me his recent events. I noticed a new Glock along w/ his other, and he said that it played into the story. ( I knew he was looking at another purchase, but not that soon. ) Adam was walking in one of the...
  8. mot mayhem

    Happy Veterans Day !

  9. mot mayhem

    my personal LEO encounter

    I was involved in an MVA today ( motor vehicle accident). When they showed up, I gave them my licensce, cc card, and insurance. I told him I was carrying, and asked if he wanted me to secure it. He said "no". When backup arrived, he alerted the other to my situation, and said he had seen my...
  10. mot mayhem

    Achtung !!!! Aufpassen !!!!

    I have been around firearms for awhile. I always try and check my ammo for defects. Sometimes I have slacked. Never again !!! I found this by mistake, but am glad I did. I have never run across a defect yet, and assume they are common enough, but rare in nature. I just thought I would give you...
  11. mot mayhem

    HELP!!!....Looking for Holster.

    I ended up w/ this one: Link Removed it seems comfy, and does not seem to pose too much a problem w/ drawing when I practice. I may end up w/ another one eventually, but times are tight right now, and this does the job. plus, like DrLewall said, I can always move it up the hip a wee-lil bit