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    Ruger LCP does not like Fiocchi JHP

    I recently purchased a Ruger LCP and bought a box of Fiocchi JHP in 380 for carry ammo. I ran a couple boxes of ball ammo thru the weapon to check for reliabliity, and it worked great, no problems at all. I then tried to run a couple magazines of the Fiocchi 90 grain JHP thru the gun and they...
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    Renewal of license!

    I just finished the mandatory renewal class that is required every two years to keep your license valid. I really do not see what purpose this serves except to be reminded than some shooters need a lot more practice than other. If you can not get a 100% shooting from 7 yards and 3 yards, you...
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    Open carry?

    I was just curious is any of you had any experance with open carry in an urban setting? Since New Mexico is an open carry state and most people do not take advantage of it. I have not tried it myself, I always carrey concealed, have carried openly out in the country on numerious occasions, as...