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  1. Landor

    Anyone Have The Hi Point 9mm Carbine??

    My son and I built one up. They are awesome to shoot. :) Link Removed
  2. Landor

    Concealed carry badges?

    I still feel sorry for you :(
  3. Landor

    Kimber Yay or Nay

    My personal opinion is stay away from Kimbers. They are pretty but you never know what you are going to get from them. If you have money to lose you can buy a Kimber and if it does not meet your expectations you can sell it and lose a couple dollars. If you are scraping to get the money to...
  4. Landor

    Need holster advice

    All we can do is point you in the direction of some good holster makers but in the end you will be the judge. I have waited for months on custom holsters to get them and not like them. TT Gunleather makes a great leather IWB. Link Removed makes a great leather OWB. C-Tac has a great rep. I...