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  1. brickler

    For the few of you who carry Baby Desert Eagles.....

    This is what I have for mine: Link Removed I believe size 6 or 5, can't recall. I looked around for the package/booklet but not sure where I put it. May have fallen down back behind something (the booklet). You can get away with most anything made for the CZ-75s except for some of the...
  2. brickler

    Google SVP posts an article about Making their ads better and says guns are harmful.

    About the fourth paragraph down included in a link: States: "For example, our ads policies don’t allow ads for illegal products such as counterfeit goods or harmful products such as handguns or cigarettes." The full post: Official Google Blog: Making our ads better for everyone
  3. brickler

    Facebook Parenting. My new hero!

    This is fantastic: Dad Tommy Jordan Shoots Daughter’s Laptop With Gun | Video |
  4. brickler

    Good Web Business Experience, Greg Cote LLC

    I know some of us are often looking for good reputable business places on the web to buy accessories and gear. I just did some business with this site I found Greg Cote LLC: Greg Cote, LLC Service was prompt, and every step in the process there was notification. Better than some of the big...
  5. brickler

    Jericho Owners Group?

    Would it be worth it to create a Jericho/Baby Eagle owners group? How many people own a Jericho, want one, or are planning to get one? Think we should for a group? Hear IWI came out with a Jericho B? Looks more like a standard CZ clone...
  6. brickler

    School confiscates autistic boys American flag as a weapon

    I thought about posting this in less than leathal weapons... What is our country coming to? Seriously.. New Hampshire School Confiscates Boy’s American Flag |
  7. brickler

    Walgreen's Pharmacist fired for defending himself and coworkers

    Surprised I hadn't seen this posted yet. This will make your blood boil.:mad: Video Released Of Walgreens Pharmacist Fired For Shooting At Armed Robber - The Consumerist
  8. brickler

    2011 Gunnie Awards from Lucky

    I was looking at a gun related blog I read and they were posting that they were nominated for's Gunnie awards, and were shamelessly plugging to go vote. I went and looked around, they have 9 categories and one of them is for forums, and sure enough, is in there as a...
  9. brickler

    Yet another FL poll - Hit this poll

    I couldn't finish watching it... Did you get through it all, Luke?
  10. brickler

    Concealed carry for overweight person

    As a big guy I have found something like this: Link Removed works well for me.
  11. brickler

    Taurus 1911

    Not sure about the Taurus either, but in the 600 price range you may want to compare versus one of these: Link Removed
  12. brickler

    S&W M&P 40c Night Sights

    Honestly I prefer Meprolight's sites to the Trijicon. The dots are bigger so you can see them better day or night. Same technology, usually quite a bit cheaper than Trijicon. Israeli made. Their vendor list: (Though you can find them in most gun shops, and if they don't have the set you...
  13. brickler

    Where can I find .380 ammo for my Ruger LCP?

    Link Removed Ammoman has some Russian stuff in if you don't mind buying Russian ammo. They usually get other things in as well, not just Russian.
  14. brickler

    9 MM vrs 45

    I am looking for the article, and for all my memory is worth, it may have been an old post here, but it put the caliber issue to bed. It is all about shot placement. I'll try to find an article. My thought is go to a shop with a range and see what feels better to you. They may not have the...
  15. brickler

    What would be a good pig hunting gun?

    If I may, I would like to redirect you to a site with some great information regarding boars. Not my site, but I like to use it for reference for friends or others who may be interested in hunting hogs... Link Removed
  16. brickler

    CNN Jack Cafferty

    Found this little gem at the 912project site today: The closing line is just priceless... Link Removed
  17. brickler

    Good bye "Global Warming"

    My father in-law sent me this, I thought I would share. It is a video report from the founder of the Weather Channel talking about "Global Warming". I thought some here might enjoy it and want to share it. Link Removed
  18. brickler

    Found this on CATO, made me laugh...

    This Won’t Put Al Gore in the Christmas Spirit | Cato @ Liberty
  19. brickler

    New rules around Texas CHL

    Got this off of NRA-ILA feed. Looks like we got some new rules to play by. In our favour it would seem. Link Removed
  20. brickler

    All green lasers are not really green...

    Found this article interesting: Green diode lasers a big breakthrough for laser-display tech - Ars Technica The punch line of the article: "For those of you wondering why green laser pointers exist, here is the short answer: take an infrared diode laser, use it to power another laser that is...