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  1. brolin1911a1

    Can you carry?

    You sound like you've been listening to stories by cowed St. Louis residents. Seriously, not only do you not HAVE to register guns in Missouri, there is no way that you could register them even if you wanted. None. RSMO 571, the chapter on illegal use of weapons, contains nothing about...
  2. brolin1911a1

    H.R. 822 is still troublesome

    A Better Bill -- HR2900 What i don't understand is why the NRA is pushing H.R. 822, a bill that requires a person to have a state-issued license and which does nothing for anyone in states like Illinois when H.R. 2900 is available and actually does what H.R. 822 is only claimed to do. Link...
  3. brolin1911a1

    Iowa Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

    I agree with mrjam2jab that your sheriff is blowing smoke. Here just south of you in Missouri we had the same sort of B.S. from anti-gun, anti-armed citizen LEOs when we first passed CCW. Your sheriff is simply trying to negate the law as far as he can by giving you false info about what you...
  4. brolin1911a1

    Ladies, How Do You Carry?

    I've not seen it mentioned yet here but Kathy Jackson's website, The Cornered Cat Link Removed is a site by a woman for women who are carrying or thinking of carrying a gun. The site has advice on choosing a gun, choosing holsters, clothing styles and choices for carrying, and more. I've long...
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    Tell Us Where You Are

    In the User Profile section for each of us is a space to enter where said user is located. Quite a few leave that blank. I'm suggesting that those who've left it blank strongly consider at least putting down which state they're from. I've seen several threads recently where that information...
  6. brolin1911a1

    Ladies, How Do You Carry?

    Try a kholster Link Removed . The holster is very similar to the Crossbreed and Jimmy offers a 90-day no questions money back warranty. Even if you trim on it to customize it to your needs/tastes the warranty remains good. If you don't like it, send it back during the warranty period and get...
  7. brolin1911a1

    Religion and Self-Defense

    Old Grunt, I happened to post some links in another thread on this website... and thought you might find some of the links I posted there of interest, especially Clayton Cramer's 1993 article on the racist...
  8. brolin1911a1

    Racism and Gun Control

    Clayton Cramer wrote an excellent monograph in 1993 entitled "The Racist Roots of Gun Control." It's an excellent, indepth, and well-researched and annotated article on the subject. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed is the same article with an interesting foreword by a black man...